Are Beachwaver curling irons worth it?

Are Beachwaver curling irons worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this…it is worth the price. I have longish, straight hair. My hair just doesn’t hold a curl. The first time I used the Beachwaver Pro, I purposely did not use product and the curls held until I washed my hair again!

Where is Beachwaver company located?

Waukegan, IL
Company Description: The Beachwaver Co is located in Waukegan, IL, United States and is part of the Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industry.

What’s the difference between the S1 and B1 Beachwaver?

The Beachwaver B1 is lighter, has three temperature ranges and reaches up to 410 °F. Much cheaper than the S1, yet it gives beautiful results. It has an ergonomic handle and a Ceramic rod and is only slightly less efficient than the Tourmaline used in Pro.

What’s the difference between a curling iron and Beachwaver?

Like a traditional curling iron, the Beachwaver has a clamp. But instead of the clamp running the entire length of the barrel, it’s only an inch long. This ensures your hair won’t get loose while the iron is rotating, while allowing the waves to easily wrap around the barrel.

Who is the creator of the beachwaver curling iron?

Beachwaver Co.® creates brushes, combs, hair accessories, and more—but by and large, the company is best known for the Beachwaver rotating curling iron. Founded by Sarah Potempa, Beachwaver is the first ever rotating curling iron.

Can a beachwaver curling iron be used in foreign countries?

In fact, the only criticism we found from Beachwaver Pro curling iron reviews on the Beachwaver Co. site is that the curling iron cannot be used with an adapter in foreign countries.

What are the reviews of the beach wave curler?

There are 361 Beachwaver reviews for the Beachwaver Pro 1″ model, giving an overall rating of 4.62 stars out of 5. Beachwaver reviews from actual users are overwhelmingly positive, with many women reporting that this is the best beach wave curler that they have ever used.

Which is the best beachwaver barrel for hair?

The Beachwaver® S1 is the medium sized barrel and is perfect for any hair type and texture, but works best for shoulder length or longer. The S1 is our most popular size so if you are looking for the most loved iron, this is it!

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