Is Blue October making a new album?

Is Blue October making a new album?

This Is What I Live For is the tenth studio album by Blue October, released via Up/Down-Brando Records on October 23, 2020 after originally being scheduled for September 18, 2020. The artwork for the album was created by Phillip Nichols.

When did Blue October fear release?


Is Blue October Cancelled?

Venue & Event Info: Due to circumstances outside of our control, we regret to inform you that Blue October has been postponed until further notice.

How many songs does Blue October have?

The discography of Blue October, an American rock band, consists of ten studio albums, five live albums, two video albums, two extended plays, twenty-five singles and twenty music videos….

Blue October discography
EPs 2
Singles 25

Who is Justin Furstenfeld married to?

Sarah Furstenfeldm. 2012
Justin Furstenfeld/Spouse

Is Blue October touring 2021?

Blue October is currently touring across 8 countries and has 51 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland, after that they’ll be at Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Who is Justin Furstenfeld wife?

Justin Furstenfeld/Wife

How old is Justin Furstenfeld?

45 years (December 14, 1975)
Justin Furstenfeld/Age

What was Justin from Blue October addicted to?

The pressure of fame and attention, however, nudged Furstenfeld into a downward spiral of alcohol abuse and drug addiction that cost him his first marriage, led to an ugly custody battle over a daughter and threatened his career.

What mental illness does Justin Furstenfeld have?

In order to create a platform to discuss mental illness more easily, Furstenfeld incorporates his experiences with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression into his albums. The title of the band’s second release, “Consent to Treatment,” and the lyrics of “Hate Me” reflect this connection.

What nationality is Justin Furstenfeld?

Justin Furstenfeld/Nationality

What should I wear to a Blue October concert?

Make sure you all buy some tickets, and all wear black. Don’t be scared of anything, it’s going down and none of us wanna miss out on Blue October.

When did Blue October release their third album?

Blue October’s third studio album entitled “Foiled” was issued in April 2006 and became a certified platinum album in under a year. In the wake of a tour alongside Yellowcard, the group released the two-disc album “Foiled for the Last Time” featuring live recordings of new songs and remixes of original material.

Where does Blue October play on their tour?

Blue October is currently touring across 8 countries and has 94 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at The Marc in San Marcos, after that they’ll be at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

When was Blue October history for sale released?

Blue October’s third album “History for Sale” (2003) was released through Brando Records and is noted for the departure of guitarist Coulter and the arrival of guitarist and vocalist CB Hudson. As a result of appearing on the American Wedding soundtrack the album’s first single “Calling You” became a Top 40 Hit in the U.S.

Who are the band members of Blue October?

The band was formed in 1995 in Houston by vocalist/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, who had begun penning angst-ridden rock songs with the help of his brother, drummer Jeremy Furstenfeld, and violinist Ryan Delahoussaye. Bassist Liz Mullaly completed the group’s initial lineup, and Blue October released an

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