What is the action of Enoxaparin?

What is the action of Enoxaparin?

Enoxaparin is an anticoagulant that helps prevent the formation of blood clots. Enoxaparin is used to treat or prevent a type of blood clot called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can lead to blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism).

How does Enoxaparin injection work?

Enoxaparin works by blocking a protein in your body that causes clotting. This keeps blood clots from forming. If you have a blood clot, it will stop it from getting worse while your body breaks down the clot on its own.

What is Enoxaparin injection used for?

Enoxaparin is used to prevent blood clots in the leg in patients who are on bedrest or who are having hip replacement, knee replacement, or stomach surgery. It is used in combination with aspirin to prevent complications from angina (chest pain) and heart attacks.

What are side effects of Enoxaparin?


  • Bleeding gums.
  • coughing up blood.
  • difficulty with breathing or swallowing.
  • headache.
  • increased menstrual flow or vaginal bleeding.
  • nosebleeds.
  • paralysis.
  • prolonged bleeding from cuts.

Does enoxaparin inhibit thrombin?

Factor IIa (thrombin) is directly inhibited by enoxaparin, however with less potency than unfractionated heparin (UFH). Due to the cascade of effects resulting from enoxaparin binding, thrombin is unable to convert fibrinogen to fibrin and form a clot, preventing thromboembolic events.

Is enoxaparin a Clexane?

Clexane (enoxaparin) is a type of anticoagulant (blood thinner) that can be used in place of, or in addition to warfarin in certain circumstances. It is given as an injection under the skin, similar to insulin for diabetes.

Does enoxaparin affect INR?

Clexane stops your blood from clotting by deactivating one of the proteins in your blood that your body uses to form a clot. The blood test you would normally use to monitor warfarin (the INR) is not affected by Clexane.

Can enoxaparin be given IV?

For IV injection, either the multidose vial or pre-filled syringe can be used. Enoxaparin sodium should be administered through an IV line. It should not be mixed or co-administered with other medications.

Why is Clexane used?

Clexane. Clexane is an anticoagulant. It is used to treat and prevent blood clots, which can block your blood vessels.

Which injection is given in stomach?

A subcutaneous (say “sub-kyoo-TAY-nee-us”) shot is an injection of medicine under the skin, but not in a muscle. Some medicines, such as insulin or the blood-thinner enoxaparin (Lovenox), are injected only under the skin. This type of shot is usually given in the belly or the thigh.

What’s the meaning of thrombin?

: a proteolytic enzyme that is formed from prothrombin and facilitates the clotting of blood by catalyzing conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin.

What is normal PTT?

Measured in seconds to clot formation, normal PTT can vary based on laboratory or institution; however, normal PTT is between 25 to 35. PTT ranges are used to classify heparin dosing schemes as low or high intensity and to ensure effective dosing.

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