How do you draw a 37 angle?

How do you draw a 37 angle?

Answer Expert Verified Draw any line and construct an angle of 60 ° and on the same line construct the angle of 90°. Bisect the 60° and 90° angles and the new angle will be of 75°. Now, bisect the 75° angle and then you will get 37 1/2° angle. It is the required angle of 37 1/2°.

How do you use a compass to draw an angle with a ruler?

Constructing an angle

  1. open the compass to the same dimensions as our original line.
  2. place the point of the compass on one end of the line and draw an arc.
  3. repeat this at the other end and the arcs should intersect where the tip of the triangle should be.

How do you make a 35 degree angle with a compass?

Expert Answer:

  1. The angles which are multiples of 15 can only be constructed using ruler and compass. Rest of the angles can be constructed using protractor.
  2. For, 35 degree angle, first construct 70 degree (2 x 35) using protractor and then bisect that angle.
  3. Here, angle POQ = 75 degree.
  4. And, angle POT = 30 degree.

Can we construct 37.5 degree angle with compass?

With the help of a ruler and a compass it is not possible to construct an angle of (a) 37.5°

How to draw a line with a compass?

Set the compass so that the point and the pencil land on the crossing points of the arc on the original angle. Keep the compass set the same, and draw a small arc to mark a point on the larger arc you drew on the line you are copying the angle to. Draw a ruled line from the point of the new angle, through the point marked by the crossing arcs.

How do you copy an angle on a compass?

You start with the angle you want to copy, and the line you want to copy it onto. Set the compass to an arbitrary size, and draw an arc across both sides of the angle. Without changing the setting of the compass, draw a similar arc on the line you are copying the angle to.

Is it possible to draw any angle with a scale and compass only?

But as the others have mentioned, with only a compass and scale (and pencil of course), you are a bit limited. Yes, It is possible to draw any angle only with the help of ruler and compass. My name is Arbaz Shaikh and I am an expert in construction of angles.

How to check the length of a compass?

Open the compasses so that they are longer than half the line – this is easily checked by eye. Position the compasses on one end of the line, and draw arcs above and below the line. Reposition the compass on the other end of the line, and draw two more arcs, crossing the first two you drew.

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