Who is the actress in the at & T commercial?

Who is the actress in the at & T commercial?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub (/ˈvaɪntruːb/; Uzbek Cyrillic: Милана Александровна Вайнтруб; born March 8, 1987) is an Uzbekistan-born American actress and comedian. She plays the character Lily Adams in a series of AT television commercials.

Who is the girl in the McDonald’s commercial?

Here are a few examples, in which the actress in the ad is compared to her own publicity material: Fernanda Romero is certainly pretty in a McDonald’s commercial, but a big shirt over a swimsuit and messy hair make the Mexican actress seem much more average-looking than she actually is:

Who is the girl in the Lincoln car commercial?

M ercedes Cornett is a model and commercial actress whose professional look in a Lincoln car commercial is a far cry from her bold modeling pics:

Who is the girl in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?

Milana Vayntrub is some average Joe’s cute girlfriend in a Buffalo Wild Wings ad. She’s acted on stage and on television, and has appeared many times on comedy site Funny or Die: Hannah Levien is a goofy Elvish-speaking waitress in a Denny’s “The Hobbit” cross-promotional ad. She’s an Australian actress:

Lily (AT) — Actor: Milana Vayntrub. What else you know her from — Since exploding onto the scene in 2013 as a bubbly AT employee named Lily, Vayntrub has become a recognizable actor.

Can you find the name of the actor in a commercial?

Keep in mind, not every ad lists names for actors, but you can discover the title of the commercial as well as the name of the advertising agency that produced it — all of which will help you in your search attempts.

Who is the actor in the Sprint commercial?

Paul Marcarelli: You’ll likely recognize this glasses-wearing actor from Verizon Wireless’ 13-year TV advertising campaign “Can You Hear Me Now?” In 2016, Marcarelli shocked the industry when he jumped to competitor Sprint, becoming the longtime star of their commercials.

Who is the actor in the Progressive Insurance commercial?

Stephanie Courtney: This actor plays the infamous Flo in Progressive Insurance commercials. Courtney first appeared as the character in early 2008, and, in the decade since, revenues for the insurance giant grew from $13 billion in 2008 to a whopping $36 billion in 2019.

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