How to link jQuery?

How to link jQuery?

Open a web browser and go to jQuery library js file download page

  • Above action will save the jQuery library js file in a local folder,you can save it to any folder ( for example the project lib folder like below picture).
  • Next you need to append jQuery link in your html page file like below source code.
  • Where do you include the jQuery library from?

    You can include jQuery library into your HTML code directly from Content Delivery Network (CDN). Google and Microsoft provides content deliver for the latest version. We are using Google CDN version of the library throughout this tutorial.

    When to use jQuery?

    At its core, jQuery is used to connect with HTML elements in the browser via the DOM. The Document Object Model (DOM) is the method by which JavaScript (and jQuery) interact with the HTML in a browser. To view exactly what the DOM is, in your web browser, right click on the current web page select Inspect. This will open up Developer Tools.

    Which is better jQuery or JavaScript?

    Most of the time, native JavaScript methods are a better choice over jQuery when performance is the only criteria, but jQuery makes use of JavaScript and makes the development easy. You can use jQuery as it does not degrade performance too much. In your specific case, the difference of performance is ignorable.

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