What is a lumbar discography procedure?

What is a lumbar discography procedure?

Lumbar discography is an injection technique used to evaluate patients with back pain who have not responded to extensive conservative (nonsurgical) care regimens. The most common use of discography is for surgical planning prior to a lumbar fusion.

How much does a Discogram cost?


Procedure CPT Code Bundled Price
Cervical facet block (3 level) 64490 $1,200
Cervical facet rhizotomy (3 level) 64633 $1,400
Spinal cord stimulator trial, (incl.hardware) 63650 $4,500
Diagnostic lumbar discogram (3-level) 62290 $2,000

Is a discography painful?

Typically, if a disk is causing your back pain, you will feel pain during the injection that’s similar to the back pain you have daily. If a disk is normal, there’s little pain during the injection.

How painful is a Discogram?

How Painful Is a Discogram? The needle insertions for IV and local anesthetic may cause a mild stinging pain from the pricking. The discogram is designed to provoke existing pain to find out the source, so certain amount of pain is to be expected.

Are Discograms really necessary?

A discogram is an invasive test that generally isn’t used for an initial evaluation of back pain. Your doctor might suggest a discogram if your back pain persists despite conservative treatments, such as medication and physical therapy.

What is the procedure for a myelogram?

A myelogram may be done to find a tumor, an infection, problems with the spine such as a budging disc, and arthritis. You will be placed on your stomach, and your back cleaned in a sterile fashion. Then dye is placed into the fluid space with a thin needle, guided by X-ray.

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