What Plymouth had push-button transmission?

What Plymouth had push-button transmission?

In 1956, Chrysler’s Plymouth division was the first in the low-priced field to offer push-button shifting. Here’s the sales pitch on the novel new feature in an entertaining Plymouth commercial.

What years did Plymouth have push-button transmission?

You pushed one to go forward and another to back up.” The push button system of gear selection was used on all Chrysler lines beginning with the 1956 model year, including Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler, including their compact models.

Did Plymouth Valiant have push-button transmission?

Introduced for 1964 was a new 180-horsepower 273-cubic-inch V8 engine that Chrysler would use until 2002. This Valiant is powered by the famous 225 Slant-Six engine and is teamed up with Chrysler’s push-button, three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. It was the last year for the push-button transmission.

What year cars had push-button transmissions?

1964 was not only the first year for the Barracuda, but also the last year for pushbutton control of the optional Torqueflite automatic transmission, so 1964 models were the only Barracudas so equipped.

Did Buick ever have a push-button transmission?

We had a ’62 LeSabre and my Grandpa had a ’63 Electra, and to my knowledge, Buick and GM never produced any push button automatic transmission.

Did Ford ever have a push-button transmission?

When the 1958 Edsel launched in the late summer of 1957, the Edsel became the first and only Ford division to launch an electro-mechanical push-button transmission system, which it trademarked as Teletouch.

Did Ramblers have push-button transmissions?

Even little American Motors got in on the act with a push-button dash control for the top-of-the-line Rambler Ambassador. Called Telovac and developed by Borg-Warner, which also supplied AMC with its Flash-O-Matic automatic transmissions, the feature was offered from 1958 to 1962.

Why did Chrysler discontinue push button transmission?

Instead, the decision was driven purely by the business judgment of a new management team which was running as far away from The Forward Look as it could. Had Chrysler wanted to keep the buttons, there might have been legal issues down the road, but only after the spring of 1966.

Why did they stop making push-button transmissions?

Why are cars going to push-button transmissions?

For generations, having an automatic transmission has meant using a lever on the car’s console or steering column to change gears. Knobs, toggles and push buttons are coming on strong to give cars a more high-tech feel in their controls.

What kind of transmission did a 1964 Plymouth Valiant have?

The 1964 Plymouth Valiants. Plymouth had entered the world of manual four-speed transmissions in 1963 with a Borg-Warner unit. This year they had their own Chrysler-built 4-speed, topped with a Hurst shifter. The other transmission option remained the unbeatable Torqueflite three-speed automatic, in its last year of pushbutton control.

When to replace a push button transmission filter?

In heavy duty operation at 32,OOO-mile intervals, and in extreme heavy duty operations at lO,OOO-mile intervals the fluid and the filter should be replaced. Diagnosis – If the filter becomes clogged, the condition will first become evident in excessive delay in obtaining reverse drive.

What are the selective positions on a Mopar push button transmission?

There are six selective positions, reading from rear to front – Low (1), Second (2), Drive (d), Neutral (N), Reverse (R), and Park (P). In addition to the gating provided along the top of the lever bracket, each of the six positions is detented.

What kind of engine did a Plymouth Barracuda have?

Though the Barracuda’s standard engine was the larger slant six, more than 90% were ordered with V8s compared with 16% of Valiants (mostly Signets). In 1962, the Ford Fairlane arrived. It had no revolutionary new features and in size it was a throwback to the 1956 versions of the low priced cars.

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