Is Auris hybrid reliable?

Is Auris hybrid reliable?

Good crash test results and a reputation for reliability make the Auris a decent bet. Toyota has a very strong reputation for reliability, with the firm’s confidence in its own cars borne out by the satisfaction of its owners. Pedestrian safety was rated at 68 per cent rating for the Auris and 65 per cent for the Golf.

Which is better Prius or Auris?

The generous British test procedure says the regular Prius gets 72.4 mpg and emits 89 g/km CO2. The Auris Hybrid hatchback is rated 8-percent better at 78.5 mpg and emissions are 84 g/km. This is 10-percent higher mpg compared to the rating of 68.9 mpg and 96 g/km for the UK-market Prius v.

Is the Toyota Auris Hybrid a good car?

Reliability & safety Reliability and quality are Toyota Auris mainstays, and the hybrid brings extra advantages in its low running costs. Safety kit impresses, too. Toyota Auris Excel Tss Vvt-I Hat…

What’s the top speed of a Toyota Auris?

The results may be efficient, but it’s not terribly quick. Still, Toyota reckons the Auris Hybrid will hit 62mph in 10.9 seconds so it can keep up with the traffic. The car also has a potential 111mph top speed, but you’d be missing the point.

When did the Toyota Auris come out in the UK?

The current Auris was revealed in 2012 at the Paris motor show, with sales starting in early 2013. It’s based on Toyota’s MC platform that also underpins a four-door version still known as the Toyota Corolla in Japan, but here in the UK we’re only offered the five-door Auris hatchback and its Touring Sports sister model.

Is there a hybrid version of the Toyota Yaris?

As one of the pioneers of petrol hybrid-powered family cars, Toyota now offers hybrid versions of the Yaris supermini, the Toyota C-HR SUV and the Toyota Auris, as well as the famous Toyota Prius that got the Japanese company’s hybrid ball rolling.

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