What does PDC bit mean?

What does PDC bit mean?

polycrystalline diamond compact
polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bit 1. n. [Drilling] A drilling tool that uses polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters to shear rock with a continuous scraping motion.

What are PDC bits used for?

PDC bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. “Matrix” is a very hard, rather brittle composite material comprising tungsten carbide grains metallurgically bonded with a softer, tougher, metallic binder.

How does a PDC bit work?

PDC bit breaks rocks by cutting. The self-sharpening cutting teeth can easily cut into the formation under the action of WOB and move the shear rock forward under the action of torque.

How are PDC bits made?

Steel PDC bit bodies are made from raw steel and then coated with hard facing material to increase erosion resistance. Polycrystalline Diamond Compact bits can be designed with a nearly infinite combination of variables, and modified per drilling application.

What is a PCD drill bit?

PCD simply means Polycrystalline Diamond : PCD are normally made by sintering many micro-size single diamond crystals at high temperature and high pressure. PCD has good fracture toughness and good thermal stability, and is used in making geological drill bits. The cobalt helps bond the carbide and diamond.

How much does a PDC drill bit cost?

At about $10,000-150,000 apiece, PDC bits generally cost five to 15 times more than roller cone bits.

What is PDC material?

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are made with synthetic diamond cutters in either steel or matrix body material. PDC drill bits revolutionized the drilling industry with a wide application range and high rate of penetration (ROP) potential.

Who invented the PDC bit?

Entrepreneurs Ken Davis and Dusty Hicks experienced some success in South Texas in the late 1970s. The first widely applied PDC bits were developed by Drilling & Service (D&S), led by John Barr in the UK North Sea, and Stratabit led by Mahlon Dennis and Bill Mauer in the US.

What is polycrystalline diamond?

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is diamond grit that has been fused together under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. The extreme hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity of diamond make it an ideal material for the cutting tools manufacturing.

What is a drag bit?

A drag bit is a drill bit usually designed for use in soft formations such as sand, clay, or some soft rock. However, they will not work well in coarse gravel or hard rock formations. Uses include drilling water wells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling.

Why is oil drilling so expensive?

Well then, why is drilling for oil so expensive? It is because of some of the costs involved: Payments for the contractors, welders, engineers, supervisors, mud loggers, geologists, scientists. Personnel for drilling, logging, cementing, casing and other logistics.

What is PDC Petroleum?

Petroleum Development Consultants (PDC) is an independent consulting company specialising in oil and gas development activities. PDC staff and associates include reservoir and petroleum engineers, geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, chemical engineers and petroleum economists.

What kind of bit is a PDC bit?

Definition of ‘PDC bit’. PDC bit in the Oil and Gas Industry. A PDC bit is a drill bit fitted with industrial diamond cutters instead of hardened metal teeth. A PDC bit is a special type of diamond drilling bit that does not use roller cones, but instead has polycrystalline diamond inserts.

What is the meaning of the word PDC?

Word forms: (regular plural) PDC bits. noun. (Extractive engineering: Field development, Equipment) A PDC bit is a drill bit fitted with industrial diamond cutters instead of hardened metal teeth. A PDC bit is a special type of diamond drilling bit that does not use roller cones, but instead has polycrystalline diamond inserts.

What are the main variables in designing a PDC drill bit?

The main variables that are taken into consideration when designing a PDC drill bit are the number of cutters, size, and cutter orientation. Like the rest of the design variables, the drilling application determines the quantity and size of the PDC cutters, also known as the diamond volume.

What makes a PDC bit more aggressive or less aggressive?

The cutters in the center of the bit are responsible for the aggressiveness of a PDC bit. Large cutters enable complete coverage with a lower cutter quantity as desired. These lower cutter counts increase bit aggressiveness and torque response. Smaller cutters allow for denser packing to increase cutter quantity as desired.

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