Who famous was born on May 6?

Who famous was born on May 6?

Here are some of the notable people celebrating birthdays today, including Bob Seger, Gabourey Sidibe, George Clooney, Meek Mill, Naomi Scott, Willie Mays and more.

What famous people died on May 6?

Famous People Who Died on May 6

  • Dietrich, Marlene (1992) The sexy German star of the 1930 film The Blue Angel.
  • King Edward VII (1910) King of Great Britain and Ireland, 1901-1910.
  • Montessori, Maria (1952) The founder of Montessori schools.
  • Thoreau, Henry David (1862) Author of Walden.

Who has died on this day?

Who Died Today in History?

  • 625 Boniface V, Italian Pope (619-25), dies.
  • 1047 Magnus I Godhi, king of Norway/Denmark (1035-47), dies.
  • 1154 Stefanus van Blois, king of England (1135-54), dies.

Who was born on 6th May?

What is special about May 6th?

This Day in History: May 6 On this day in 1937, while landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on its first transatlantic crossing of the year, the German dirigible Hindenburg burst into flames and was destroyed, killing 36 of the 97 persons aboard.

Who has died on May 6th?

Edward VII

  • 1916 Dirk Bos, Dutch Liberal 2nd Member of Parliament, dies at 53.
  • 1916 Earl Ross Drake, American composer, dies at 50.
  • 1919 (Lyman) L.
  • 1924 Carel S Adama van Scheltema, poet/writer (socialism), dies at 47.
  • 1936 Hans Jelmoli, Swiss pianist and composer, dies at 59.
  • 1948 43 communist rebels, executed in Athens.

Who has died on May 7th?

Next most famous people who died on May 7

  • #2 Joseph Greenberg. Friday, May 28, 1915 – Monday, May 7, 2001.
  • #3 Salmon P. Chase.
  • #4 James George Frazer.
  • #5 William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne.
  • #6 Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux.
  • #7 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
  • #8 Clement Greenberg.
  • #9 Samuel Hoare, 1st Viscount Templewood.

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