How do I tell what year my Bulova Watch is?

How do I tell what year my Bulova Watch is?

Bulova watches made between 1950 and 2009 are marked with a two-digit alpha-numeric date code. This code is typically found on the outside backcase of the watch, just below the serial number. Opening the watch should not be necessary. Note that these codes only specify the manufacture date of the watch.

How do you date an old watch?

The best way to identify the date of manufacture of a watch is to locate the serial number on the watch’s movement. The movement is the spring-loaded mechanism the runs and regulates the timepiece. Comparing the number to the manufacturer’s listings can date the manufacture to the approximate year.

How can you tell what model a Bulova Watch is?

Since Bulova watches don’t have model numbers, you’ll need to use the serial number and date code to determine what model your watch is. Take your watch off and flip it over to look at the smooth metal back of the case.

Where is the date code on a Bulova Accutron?

Dating your Accutron is really quite a simple procedure. Bulova mark there dates using a date code system . This can be found on the back of the case and on the movement. No need to worry about long serial numbers on these! The code consists of one letter and one number, eg. M7.

What was the Bulova model number in 1947?

In 1946, the code was 46 followed by a square. In 1947, the code was 47. In 1948, the code was 48. In 1949, the code was J9. Beginning in 1950, Bulova started using a code including one letter and one number. The letter indicates the decade, while the number indicates the year within the decade.

Where do you put the crown on a Bulova?

Case style of pocket watch, typically converted to wear on the wrist; crown at 12 o’clock position Movement signed “Rubaiyat”, or “Bulova”, or other Swiss movement maker (e.g., Etienee, Liengme, Favre).

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