Where do you fight Malistaire at in wizard101?

Where do you fight Malistaire at in wizard101?

You fight Malistaire at the end of Dragonspyre, and then you get the Savior of the Spiral badge. He is the main villain of the first arc.

Where can I find Malistaire?

Malistaire Drake is located in the Great Spyre instance at the heart of Dragonspyre. If you’re only on the Plaza of Conquests, you’ve got a ways to go. Malistaire is at the heart of Dragonspyre inside the Crown of Fire. It is an instance, so you can only bring 3 friends with you to battle him.

Where do you fight Malistaire?

You fight him in the last Dungeon in DragonSpyre. He is the last boss.

Is Malistaire dead?

Darkmoor Malistaire is the final stage of our journey with him, he accepts that he has died and can’t bring his beloved back. But we know this is him accepting all this tragedy that he had and has brought because of the world.

What level should I be to fight Malistaire?

Malistaire is a Rank 10 boss with 10,000 HP. You should be about 48-50 if you did all Main and *most* Side quests (excluding Grizzleheim).

How long does it take to defeat Malistaire?

The final objective is the defeat of Malistaire, but there are several significant fights on the way. The official game text suggests the instance can take up to three hours to complete.

How long does it take to beat Malistaire?

Without regurgitating the typical “depends on how often you play!” response, I would estimate you could complete the Malistaire arc in around ~25 hours of gameplay barring side-quests, with variation depending on your playstyle and class choice etc.

Why did Malistaire go to Marleybone?

In Marleybone, Malistaire came in contact with the infamous criminal mastermind Meowiarty, and asked him to steal the Krokonomicon from the museum in exchange for his freedom from Newgate Prison.

How much HP does Malistaire have?

Yes, Malistaire has 10000 health. He has three other minions.

What level should I start Dragonspyre?

Dragonspyre = beginning at around level 47-48 which is a big level due to pet acquirement and possibly learning an AE spell. I do all of Zeke’s quests for the additional Training Points and the side quests for the additional gold and experience.

What world is Merle Ambrose from?

Merle Ambrose was born on the world of Avalon.

Where does malistaire’s chest appear in the Great Spyre?

“Malistaire’s Chest” will appear after defeating Malistaire Drake . Cyrus Drake summons a portal to ” Ambrose’s Office ” after defeating Malistaire. Quest goals call this location “Malistaire’s Lair”. The sigil name is displayed as “To The Great Spyre”.

Which is the most powerful incarnation of malistaire?

The most powerful and deadly incarnation of Malistaire the Spiral has ever witnessed. So far. “I cannot be stopped” – At the beginning of the first Round, Malistaire will cheat-cast a Shadow Taunt on the first Wizard.

What happens to malistaire the Undying when he is defeated?

Malistaire’s School will be replaced as Shadow. The School may display as blank next to the Boss’ rank. If Malistaire the Undying (Shadow)’s Health goes down to ~1,000 or below without getting defeated, he will heal to 48,000 Health on Interrupt.

When does malistaire’s skeletal dragon remove charms and wards?

– At the beginning of the fifth Round, Malistaire’s Skeletal Dragon will remove all Charms and Wards from each Wizard. Wizards using Empowerment will gain 1 Pip. Even though the Spell text does not indicate this, it has been observed that the Skeletal Dragon (666+333) does Damage to All Enemies.

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