Who are the actors in Main Hoon Na?

Who are the actors in Main Hoon Na?

Watch the official trailer of Main Hoon Na featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan & Amrita Rao in lead roles. #ShahRukhKhan #SushmitaSen #MainHoonNa #OfficialTrailer

Who is Ram in Main Hoon Na IMDb?

Raghavan and his men descend on the hostel and hold over 100 students hostage. There is only one student who can save them, and his name is Ram, he claims he is a student, but is here on a mission – a mission that when told will reveal his real identity and two plans which he must carry out simultaneously. — Sumitra (corrected by Iqbal)

What’s the running gag in Main Hoon Na?

Main Hoon Naa either parodies or pays tribute to dozens of other Bollywood films, from Sholay to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The running gag where Major Ram bursts into uncontrollable singing whenever he sees Ms. Chandni, the chemistry teacher, is hilarious and endearing.

1 Top cast. Shah Rukh Khan. as Maj. Ram Prasad Sharma. Sushmita Sen. as Chandni Chopra. Sunil Shetty. as Raghavan Datta. Zayed Khan. as Laxman Prasad 2 More like this. 3 Storyline. 4 Did you know. 5 User reviews 86.

Who is Shah Rukh khans father in Main Hoon Na?

The whole crew of the movie appears as a cameo in the song Ye Fizayen at the end as a part of closing credits. Pass the popcorn, please! Major Ram Prasad Sharma (Shah Rukh Khan) is a straight-laced military man walking in the footsteps of his father, General Shekar Sharma (Naseerudin Shah).


Who is Major Ram in Main Hoon Na?

Major Ram is assigned to protect the daughter of General Bakshi, the commander in charge of Project Milap, which takes him undercover to St. Paul’s College in Darjeeling. By an amazing coincidence that only a true Bollywood fan could swallow, the Major’s younger brother Lakshman Prasad (Lucky) Sharma studies at the same college.

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