Did ZIOS go out of business?

Did ZIOS go out of business?

Zio’s Restaurant Company LLC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday, blaming a downturn in the economy across the Southwest driven by lower oil prices, the company said.

Who owns ZIOS?

Food Management Partners, Inc.
Zio’s Italian Kitchen/Parent organizations

What kind of soup does ZIOS have?

All-you-can-eat of the Signature Soup of your choice — Pasta Fasule, Tomato Florentine or Minestrone — plus a House or Caesar side salad. Zio’s classic meatballs layered with mozzarella cheese, savory tomato, and creamy Alfredo sauce. Served on our toasted garlic butter ciabatta roll.

Does ZIOS have bread?

Bread and Oil – Zios Italian Kitchen.

Is ZIOS owned by Mazzios?

Mazzio’s Corporation is the parent company of Mazzio’s Italian Eatery and the former parent company of Zio’s Italian Kitchen. In November 2007, Zio’s Italian Kitchen was sold to a private company. Mazzio’s specializes in pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and occasionally other specialty items.

What Zio means?

noun. uncle [noun] the brother of a person’s father or mother, or the husband of an aunt.

How many states is Mazzios?

In 10 years, the Mazzio’s chain grew to more than 150 locations in a dozen states, setting new industry benchmarks for sales along the way. Presently, the concept features 140 units in 10 states.

Does ZIOS have vegan options?

Serves meat, vegan options available.

Who founded Mazzios pizza?

Ken Selby
Mazzio’s founder Ken Selby opened his first pizza restaurant — The Pizza Parlor — on Nov. 11, 1961 across from the University of Tulsa. He opened a second location four years later and changed the name of both to Ken’s Pizza, and saw it grow quickly across the region.

What does ZIOS mean in Italian?

How much is a Mazzios calzone ring?

Mazzio’s Prices

Item Price
Calzone Rings
Pepperoni $11.62
Bacon $10.25
Cheddar $10.99

How much is an appetizer at Zio’s?

Zio’s Appetizer Sampler $9.99 Choose any three from Italian chicken strips, fried mozzarella, toasted ravioli, fried zucchini medallions, or calamari. Served with marinara and ranch dressing for dipping. Garden Bruschetta $6.99

What kind of dip is at Zio’s Italian Kitchen?

Zio’s artichoke spinach dip with bacon and onions, topped with sliced chicken breast, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses. Hand-tossed and baked in our brick ovens.

How to get Zio’s signature dishes to your car?

Get our made-to-order signature dishes from our kitchen to your vehicle with just one call or click. Sign up for Z-Club and get all the latest news, exclusive offers, latest specials and event invitations from your local Zio’s Italian Kitchen.

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