How register Sun UNLI call to all network?

How register Sun UNLI call to all network?

Call Unlimited 20

  1. Call Unlimited 20. You can do so much with just your P20 and your phone!
  2. Inclusions. CU 20 is a promo valid for 24 hours upon registration.
  3. Registration. Simply register by texting CU20 to 247!

What is UNLI trinet calls in Sun?

Smart and Sun Cellular have jointly launched the Unli Tri-Net Call & Text Plan 899, the postpaid plan that allows unlimited voice and SMS connections to all mobile users subscribed to the PLDT group’s ‘tri-net’ brands – Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text.

What Sun load can call PLDT?

List of Sun Cellular Call and Text Promos 2020

Promo Name Call and Text Details Validity
Text Unlimited 200 Unlimited texts to Sun 5 Hours calls to PLDT, Sun, Smart, Talk ‘N Text 1,000 texts to other networks Facebook Chat Apps: Viber, WeChat, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp 30 Days

How do I register for Sulit surf 20?

To register, text SSP20 or SSP20 to 247 for Sulit Surf Plus 20, while SSP99 or SSP 99 for Sulit Surf Plus 99. Moreover, you can also avail by simply dialing *123# and select SULIT SURF PLUS.

How subscribe UNLI call in smart?

How to Register to Smart Unli Call to All Networks Promos. To register to these Smart promos with unlimited calls to all networks, just dial *123#.

What is smart Flexi call?

Plus, with the option to switch between calls and texts anytime, users can enjoy their conversations with their loved ones whether through a long catch-up call or a series of heartwarming messages. …

Can PLDT landline call Sun?

This offer allows every sun owners to have unli calls to PLDT landline and unli calls and texts to sun. Similar with Globe, sun owners can call landlines of the same home zone for free. Existing PLDT subscribers can avail of this service for an additional charge of P600 on top of your monthly bill.

What promo can call landline?

Complete List of Globe Call and Text Promos 2021

Promo Keyword Promo Description Validity
DUO Mobile + Landline in 1 phone 30 Days
SUPERDUO Unlimited calls to Globe or TM Mobile + Landline in 1 phone 30 Days
Tawag 236 20 minutes calls to Globe or TM
SULITXT15 100 texts to Globe or TM 1 Day

How can I call smart promo?

To register to these Smart promos with unlimited calls to all networks, just dial *123#. On the USSD menu, navigate to the promo you wish to register. For example, to subscribe to Giga Video+ AllNet 100 promo, dial *123# and go to Giga > Video+ Allnet > 1GB, 3 days, P100 > Subscribe.

How do I register my Sun Data promo?

Just text the keyword and send to 247. Yes, EXTRA offers are available nationwide. Extra offers may be availed by all active Sun Prepaid (including FLP) subscribers who are registered to any WAIS offer.

What is the promo of sun?

Promo Features

Sun Surf Net Mega 250 PHP 250 30 days 1.25 GB Open Access 1 GB MB Spinnr To register, text MEGA250 to 247
Sun iSurf 50 PHP 50 1 day All-day surfing up to 800MB To register, text iSurf50 to 247
Sun iSurf 100 PHP 100 3 days All-day surfing up to 800MB/day To register, text iSurf100 to 247

Are there any Sun promos for unlimited call and text?

Text or call to your heart’s content with these unlimited call and text promos from Sun Cellular. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still subscribe to the cheaper promos such as the Call and Text Combo for a limited amount of SMS and call minutes.

How to subscribe to a Sun Cellular promo?

Subscribing to a Sun Cellular promo is easy; just text the keyword of your desired promo to 247. Make sure that you have enough prepaid load credits for a successful registration. We hope that you find this list of Sun promos useful. Dial the USSD code *247# to know more about the latest Sun promos.

What are the features of the sun cell phone?

Features: 60 minutes CALL to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) networks; Unlimited TEXT to SUN Cellular network; 200 TEXT to other networks; Unlimited chat via Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, Viber and WhatsApp; Free Facebook access

What kind of phone does Sun Internet promo use?

Sun internet promo is best used with Sun LTE SIM and 4G LTE capable smartphone or device like Sun Pocket WiFi, to experience fast speeds of up to 42Mbps. If you’re still using an old Non-LTE Sun sim, see How to Upgrade Sun Sim to LTE.

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