What is the Vonage IP address?

What is the Vonage IP address?

To access the web-based user interface: Open an internet browser on the computer that is connected directly to the Ethernet port on the Vonage Box™ telephone adapter. Enter 192.168. 15.1 or V-Configure in the address bar of your browser.

What do you do with old Vonage equipment?

You don’t have to do anything with your old box. Some electronic stores have recycling boxes for old equipment (computers, phones, etc) which you can use. You do not have to return the broken device to Vonage.

Can I connect Vonage to my computer?

Vonage Desktop seamlessly integrates all the functionalities of your Vonage business phone system with your computer, whether it’s a Mac or PC. You can use Desktop with a headset or with your laptop’s built-in microphone and speaker. Send and receive text messages and calls to any U.S. number using your Vonage number.

Does Vonage require a static IP?

All devices on a network have IP addresses. Since the router will not necessarily give the devices the same IP address every time, you will need to assign a static IP address to the Vonage adapter before setting up Port Forwarding. This will ensure the IP address of the adapter will not change.

How do I unlock my Vonage adapter?

Wiping the Vonage settings. Disconnect the WAN interface from your router and use the “b” command to boot the adapter again. Wait until the ATA starts up and hit Enter on the console. You will be presented with a login prompt. Enter Admin for the username and the password decoded earlier.

How do I fix my Vonage device?

Disconnect the power cord AND the telephone cord from the back of your Vonage adapter. Unplug the power to the main base of your telephone, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. Reconnect the power to the Vonage adapter and let it restart. Reconnect the telephone cord to the Vonage adapter and check for a dial tone.

Can you connect Vonage wirelessly?

Some Vonage phone adapters support wireless capability, which enables you to access the Internet by multiple computers and wireless devices. If you already have a wireless router and it is close to where the Vonage telephone adapter is placed, conflicts can occur.

Does Vonage have a desktop app?

Vonage® Desktop is a free app that allows you to use your Vonage Business Communications phone service from your computer. Use Desktop with either a headset or your laptop’s built-in microphone and speaker, view the call presence of other employees, and more.

How do I set up a Vonage phone adapter?

The Vonage phone adapter allows you to set basic configuration options through a web browser. To do so, you must be connected to a local network with an IP Address that is automatically assigned from your router or DCHP service. Optionally, you can set a Static IP Address if required for your environment.

How to statically assign an IP address to a Vonage device?

If you want to statically assign an IP address, click Static IP Address. By default, the Vonage VTA device is set to Dynamic IP Address. Simply connect the device to your network and the VTA will receive an IP address from your router or DHCP server.

Where do I find network status on my Vonage phone?

Press the Menu button (Gear icon). Select Status and then select Network Status. Select IPv4 Status. Press the Circular button in the middle of the phone and then jot down the IP address. Press the Menu button (Gear icon).

How do I Change my Password for Vonage?

Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address (e.g. of the Vonage VTA adapter. Enter userfor the username and your password (default password is user) and then click the Loginbutton. It is recommended to change your password for security reasons.

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