How many roofing nails do you get per pound?

How many roofing nails do you get per pound?

When using a 1.5-inch roofing nail, they usually have a large 11-gauge shank and an oversize, 7/16-inch flathead. These nails are hot galvanized, which helps them withstand sun and rain on your roof. About 140 of these types if nail weighs one pound.

How many roofing nails are in a 50lb box?

Paulin 1-1/2-inch Roofing Nails Electro Galvanized – 50lbs (approx. 9300 pieces per package)

How many nails is 2 lbs?

Electro-galvanized Common

Size Nail Length Count per Lb.
3d 11/4″ 546
4d 11/2″ 296
5d 13/4″ 194
6d 2″ 181

How many nails are in a roofing coil?

Wire Collated. 120 Nails/Coil. 7,200 Nails/Box.

How many roofing nails will I need?

Roofing Nails Generally, you should use four nails per shingle in the field of the roof, and 5 nails per starter shingle. For regular three-tab shingles, this would require 320 nails per square for field shingles.

How much weight can a 1 1 2 inch nail hold?

A 1 1/2-inch (4d) nail driven in at a 45-degree upward angle can hold as much as 20 pounds. That’s enough for a small to medium picture frame or a small wall light or planter.

How many 16d nails are in a 50lb box?

44 Nails per pound approx.

How many 16d nails come in a box?


Container Type Box
Product Weight 5
UOM box
Catalog Page BBV11, Page 01-342
Notes 49 Nails per pound approx.

How many finish nails are in a 1 pound box?

Number of Nails per Pound by Type

Size Common Box
4D 315 450
6D 190 225
8D 105 140
10D 70 90

How much do 12 nails weigh?

12×0.23g=2.76g/dozen small nails.

How many nails do I need for roofing?

What size nails do you use for roofing?

Roofing nails should be round-headed, sharp-pointed 11-gauge galvanized steel or the equivalent corrosion-resistant roofing nails. Nail head sizes recommended are 3/8-inch to 7/16-inch diameter. Nail heads should be low profile, smooth and flat. Nails should comply with ASTM F1667, Type I, Style 20.

How to order copper roofing nails by Pound?

For your slate roofs, choose the correct nail length by adding one inch to twice the thickness of your slates. For your copper roofing nail needs, call us toll-free at (877) 593-2723 to order by the pound, or browse our website to learn more about our full product line.

How big are a pair of copper nails?

Copper Nails Length ~Nails/lb. 1″ 200 1-1/4″ 187 1-1/2″ 155 1-3/4″ 139

What kind of nails should I use on my roof?

Using the correct nails for your roof will ensure its longevity and stability. Copper roofing nails not only last longer but also provide ease when removing a broken slate from your roof for fixing. The pointed tips of our nails provide easy insertion into a surface to help you minimize the risk of damaging your metal sheets.

Why do you need copper slating nails on your roof?

All 50 States. No Minimums. For roofs that have copper flashing to provide homes an extra layer of protection against the elements, copper roofing nails made from solid copper are preferred over other construction nails because of their proven durability and holding power.

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