Who is naveed Shahzad?

Who is naveed Shahzad?

Dr. Naveed Shahzad is working as an Assistant Professor in School of Biological Sciences (SBS), University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan. Shahzad was granted HEC Overseas Scholarship for PhD in France.

Who was husband of Naveed Shahzad?

You fell in love with cricket commentator Shahzad Humayun while studying in Government College, Lahore and later married him.

Who is the father of Navid Shahzad?

Early life. Humayun was born on 5 October 1978 in the British Channel Island of Jersey at the Jersey International Hospital to parents Navid (nee Rahman) and Shahzad Humayun.

How is Farhad Humayun?

LAHORE: Singer, drummer and founder of Overload music band Farhad Humayun passed away in Lahore. He was 42. The exact reason for his death could not be known; however, it was learnt that he had a brain tumour and had already undergone two major surgeries.

How old is Farhad Humayun?

42 years (1978–2021)
Farhad Humayun/Age at death

Which Pakistani singer died today?

Farhad Humayun
The musician passed away after battling a ‘cancerous brain tumour’. Popular Pakistani musician Farhad Humayun died on Tuesday after battling a ‘cancerous brain tumour’, actor and close friend Arjun Mathur shared on Wednesday.

How did Fahad Humayun died?

His father was an automobile businessman and Pakistan’s award winning cricket commentator throughout the 1970s till the early 2000s. Farhad grew up in the Gulberg area of Lahore and studied at the Aitchison College till secondary school.

Which Pakistani singer died recently?

singer Farhad Humayun
Pak singer Farhad Humayun dies, Arjun Mathur, Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar pay condolences: ‘Thank you, Fadi’ Pakistani musician Farhad Humayun was 42 when he breathed his last. He had been battling ‘cancerous brain-tumour’. The untimely demise of Pakistani musician Farhad Humayun has shocked everyone.

Who is JJ in Pakistan?

Mohammad Jerjees Seja, also known as JJ, is one of the most prominent figures in the television and media industry of Pakistan. A business graduate from Greenwich University, he has been passionate about media from the start.

What happened to Nazia Hassan?

Nazia Hassan passed away in London at the age of 35 from lung cancer.

Which Pakistani singer died?

What is J Pakistan?

Jamshed also owned a clothing boutique with the name “J.” (read as “Jay Dot”), which has several outlets throughout Pakistan and some abroad. …

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