How long after my tongue piercing can I kiss?

How long after my tongue piercing can I kiss?

Can you kiss after a tongue piercing? Avoid kissing for at least 3 weeks. Kissing is the second most likely source of infection risk, you need to be careful to prevent bacteria getting into the mouth. No smoking, kissing or engaging in oral sex.

What happens when two people with tongue piercings kiss?

Avoiding Infection with a Piercing. Wait for the piercing to heal before kissing. If you kiss someone with a fresh piercing, you are introducing foreign bacteria into their body that could result in an infection. Tongue piercings take 4 to 6 weeks to heal fully but vary from person to person.

What is the white stuff around my tongue piercing?

You may see a white fluid being excreted by the wound, don’t be alarmed, it is just dead white blood cells which is a normal part of the healing process; all wounds heal by secreting plasma which forms a scab, but because of the saliva in the mouth, a scab can’t form.

Can you kiss with lip piercings?

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: kissing someone who has a lip piercing (or when you have a lip piercing) shouldn’t be much different than a normal kiss. The movement of kissing may also jostle or irritate the piercing, causing a prolonged heal time; irritation; or damage to your fragile new mod.

Can I smoke with a tongue piercing?

According to Act For Libraries, you should avoid smoking for 10 days after your piercing. The nicotine in cigarettes will delay the healing process. Rinse your mouth regularly if you’re using anything with nicotine. An alternative to frequent rinsing is putting a wet tea bag over the piercing.

Can I change my tongue ring after 2 weeks?

Have you ever asked yourself – When can I change my tongue ring? The answer is that you need to wait several weeks till the piercing heals. Regular jewelry cleaning and good oral hygiene are necessary to avoid any complications during that period.

Is it weird kissing someone with a lip piercing?

Is it normal for a tongue piercing to make a crater?

Often a barbell end will rest or nest into the top of the tongue. This is wear a small crater or indention will form around the top piercing hole that the ball will nest or rest in. This is normal and usually will not cause a problem unless more than 30% of the ball rests into the tongue during healing.

Does lip piercing close up fast?

“It really depends on your body.” If you’re worried about how quickly your lip piercing will close up, it’s probably because you’re looking to swap out your jewelry for something a little more your vibe. That’s totally understandable, but the longer you wait for the initial change you want to make, the better.

When to rinse your tongue and lip piercings?

During that time, you should: Rinse your tongue or lip piercing after every meal or snack and before bed. Use warm salt water or an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash. Not kiss anyone while you heal (avoid contact with someone else’s saliva)

Can you kiss someone with a tongue piercing?

While having a piercing means that you have to think of additional factors, it also opens the door to a world of new possibilities. Tongue piercings, for example, are said to enhance sexual pleasure. Think of new and fun ways to explore kissing with your piercing. Studs can create a pleasurable sensation when they make contact with skin.

What are the health risks of lip and tongue piercings?

People with certain conditions that might make it hard for the piercing to heal are particularly at risk for health problems. Those include heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia, and autoimmune diseases. If you’ve decided to get an oral piercing, make sure you’re up to date on vaccines for hepatitis B and tetanus.

Why is aftercare important after a tongue piercing?

Following the proper aftercare instructions after a tongue piercing is important. This is because you want to avoid any chance of infection and complications. If you have gone through a piercing procedure, the body takes action as an intruder and responds accordingly.

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