What is MAINTelligence?

What is MAINTelligence?

MAINTelligence™ is the only system you need to build a comprehensive machine condition based maintenance program. Vibration analysis, lubricant analysis, thermography, ultrasonic analysis, motor monitoring. It’s all here. Data access interfaces are available for a wide variety of instruments, laboratories and systems.

How does a CMMS system work?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. With capabilities like tracking your work orders and assets digitally, the system makes it easier to organize your data and generate reports. You can use this information to make informed decisions and save money.

Does SAP have CMMS?

Does SAP have a CMMS system? SAP offers industry leading products and modules for businesses to suit their CMMS and maintenance management requirements. SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software and Plant Maintenance Module support the management of business’s physical assets through their entire lifecycle.

Is SAP and Cmms the same?

SAP PM provides structured maintenance management functionality. The solution consists of asset management and work order management tools and ensures regulatory compliance. CMMS allows users to create workflows and manage asset performance throughout its lifecycle.

Is CMMS part of ERP?

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a software tool that helps organizations to manage maintenance actions of assets digitally without human intervention….Different between CMMS and ERP :

CMMS only focuses on Maintenance. ERP mainly focuses on all aspects of organization.

How is maintelligence used in maintenance management system?

MAINTelligence™ creates a framework that incorporates the CMMS aspects of collecting costs and allocating resources with a focus on reliability. Thus, MAINTelligence™ is the ultimate management tool for predictive and inspection based maintenance data, along with standard corrective and preventive maintenance work orders.

How to register for maintelligence asset performance management system?

Register by phone: 1.800.923.3674. MAINTelligence™ is the complete solution. Assets requiring attention, data on why, and the work status are readily apparent and accessible. Work requests and work orders can be scheduled along with the applicable resources for the work—parts, tools, personnel and contractor—with ease.

How does maintelligence work with plant control systems?

MAINTelligence has built-in features to allow it to work with existing enterprise management and plant control systems. As well, our open architecture allows third party development of instrument interfaces and data access methods. MAINTelligence does not restrict access to its database in any way.

How are PDM procedures auto generated in maintelligence?

PdM procedures are auto-generated in MAINTelligence™ by integrating asset basic care and predictive maintenance findings into a maintenance task schedule for results-based, proactive maintenance. Gone are the days of unused inspection data. Maintenance schedules will auto-change in real time based on inspection and measured asset condition.

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