Why is Mr Frank A good leader?

Why is Mr Frank A good leader?

Frank is the leader in the annex because the hiding place exists above his business. Miep, Mr. Frank is also a very calm and respected gentleman who is not easily offended. He is kind and accommodating to the needs of his guests and their helpers.

What leadership qualities do you possess essay?

Characteristics Of A Good LeaderPositive Attitude. Being the most significant characteristic that defines leadership, positive attitude is essential energy that a leader must have. Accountability. Passing the buck on to others in situations challenged by failure is easy. Empathy. Responsibility. Communication. Ability to challenge failure. Focus. Innovative.

What kind of character is Mr Frank?

In Anne’s eyes, Mr. Frank is one of the kindest, smartest, most gentle and thoughtful fathers imaginable. He almost always supports Anne and frequently takes her side during family arguments. He is generous, kind, and levelheaded, while the other adults in the annex can be stingy, harsh, and emotional.

What qualities of Mr Frank did his staff admire?

Answer: Mr. Frank’s staff admired him for his warm personality. They admired his courage and the evident care he took to give his two girls a good education.

Why does the professor say I have read Anne Frank’s diary?

Why does the professor say, “I have read Anne Frank’s diary”? Answer: The professor said that he had read Anne Frank’s diary when an argumentative young student asked him how he knew that the human race was worth saving.

What kind of person is Mr Dussel?

Albert Dussel A dentist and an acquaintance of the Franks who hides with them in the annex. His real name is Fritz Pfeffer, but Anne calls him Mr. Dussel in the diary.

Why does Peter remove the Star of David from his clothes?

Why does Peter remove the Star of David from his clothes? Peter removes his Star of David from his clothes because he resents the fact that he was forced to wear it by the Nazis because he is Jewish. This shows he doesn’t believe in labels so when he got the chance, he took it off.

Why does Anne put Mr Frank to shame?

When Mr. Frank says “she puts me to shame” he is referring tobeing ashamed that he doesn’t believe all people are basically good like Anne does. being ashamed of the type of father he was.

Why do you think Mr Frank breaks down crying when he picks up the woman’s white glove?

Frank breaks down when he sees the glove because it reminds him of the past and all of the memories he had in the secret annex. Since the white glove was a woman’s, it probably reminded him of his wife and his 2 daughters.

Why does Mrs Frank cry in act1?

Why does MRs. Frank begin to cry? She is hurt by Anne’s treatment of her.

In what way does Mr Frank say they Cannot be imprisoned?

In what way does Mr. Frank say they cannot be imprisoned? What will they do to remain “free”? There are no wall or locks and they will continue to have Miep bring them the stuff they need.

Why does Mr Frank want to burn all of the papers Miep hands him in Act One Scene 1?

Frank tell Miep to burn all the papers she wants to give him? He doesn’t think he could bear to read the old letters and notes. He doesn’t know where he could store them. They would present a fire hazard in his new home.

What bad news does Anne find out from Mr Dussel?

What bad news does Mr. Dussel bring Anne when he first arrives? The bad news that Mr. Dussel gives Anne when he first arrives id that Anne’s best friend Jopie and her family was gone.

What did Mr Frank mean when he said the air raids should be music to our ears?

Frank make the comment that the air raids should be “music to our ears”? Because it is the Allies and not the Germans.

What does Mr Frank find when he returns to the attic in Scene 1?

Mr. Frank revisits the attic where they were in hiding and finds Anne’s diary. How does Anne describe her situation in her diary entry at the end of Scene 1? She talks about the restrictions the Nazis have placed on the Jews and explains why her family is going into hiding.

Why does Mr Van Daan want to get rid of Peter’s cat?

When Dussel acted sick, Peter revealed that he wasn’t even holding a cat. Mr. Van Daan tells Dussel that they are getting rid of their son’s cat. He doesn’t like the cat either, feeling that the cat eats their food and Peter spends too much time with it.

What prevents Mr kraler from coming to the attic?

Kraler that prevents him from coming to the attic?? Mr. Kraler has ulcers. You just studied 5 terms!

How does Mrs Frank feel about Mr Dussel?

The residents of the annex use too much electricity and exceed their ration. Anne begins to feel that Mr. Dussel is a strict disciplinarian and has too many opinions about etiquette. She writes that it is very difficult being “the badly brought-up center of attention in a family of nitpickers.” Hanukkah and St.

Why does Mr Dussel want Mr Frank to answer the phone why won’t Mr Frank answer it?

66. Why does Dussel want Mr. Frank to answer the telephone? -He thinks Miep is calling to warn them of danger.

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