How do I use igora 12 11?

How do I use igora 12 11?

How To Use:

  1. Mix 1 part colour cream with 2 parts Igora Royal Oil Developer.
  2. For all the Highlift shades, use 9% (30 Vol) developer for the lower level of lift and 12% (40 Vol) for the higher level.
  3. Development time is 30–45 minutes.

How long does Schwarzkopf igora process?

30 – 45 minutes
Usage of shades with up to 100% white hair coverage: Use Igora Royal 3%, 6%, 9% or 12% Developer. Mixing ratio 1:1 Apply on dry hair. Allow to develop for 30 – 45 minutes. Rinse well.

How do you use igora Royal 8 11?

How To Use:

  1. Use Igora Royal 3%, 6%, 9% or 12% Developer. Use 3% Color & Care Developer when coloring darker.
  2. Mixing ratio 1:1 Apply on dry hair.
  3. Allow to develop for 30 – 45 minutes. Rinse well.
  4. Shampoo and neutralize with BC Bonacure Color Save products.

What developer do you use with igora 10?

For optimal equalization (lift + white coverage) on dark hair always use IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 9% (30 Vol.). When time is short and you are lagging behind with your client schedule, IGORA® COLOR10 can help you make up time and still satisfy your client’s wish for a new color.

How long do you leave igora toner on for?

Apply IGORA VIBRANCE® Toner evenly to towel-dried hair: Development time: develop visually for between 5-20 mins….Start application on dry hair or damp hair:

  1. Part the hair into 4 quadrants.
  2. Apply evenly from re-growth to mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Development time: 10-20 mins.

How do you use Schwarzkopf toner?

How to use hair toner

  1. Wash hair thoroughly and then apply the toner to towel dried or completely dry hair.
  2. Apply the toner first to areas that require the most color correction or simply apply to the central part of the strands before working up to the roots and down to the tips.

How does Schwarzkopf Igora Royal permanent color Creme work?

The IGORA ROYAL High Definition Technology features a high definition colour pigment matrix for clearest tone direction, enhanced true to tuft results, amplified intensity and maximum coverage. Lipid carriers amplify the pigment penetration and lock the colour in by sealing the surface of the hair for long-lasting colour retention.

What are the different colours of Igora Royal?

IGORA ROYAL’s iconic red block packaging remains for the core line. Our technical lines can still easily be recognised with their distinct range colours: IGORA ROYAL Highlifts, IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights, IGORA ROYAL Absolutes and IGORA ROYAL Silver Whites.

How long does it take to develop Igora color10?

Igora Color10 With full speed to fabulous color.Igora Color10 is ideal for re-growth and touch-up services, as well as global applications on short to medium length hair, achieving the same result as a standard permanent coloration – all with just a 10 minute development time.

Do you use the same numbering system for Igora vibrance?

Yes, all IGORA products, including our demi-permanent (IGORA Vibrance) and semi-permanent (IGORA Expert Mousse) ranges use the same numbering system, so it’s easy to work with Dual Application Techniques for a true colour match across the different IGORA ranges. What is the IGORA ROYAL numbering system?

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