Where to Find VPN For Canada Users

Canada has the best and robust cybersecurity law to prevent terrorism and other unethical internet activities. In contrast, the country has a far-reaching approach when it comes to legislation, which at some point, may cross the bridge when it comes to maintaining your privacy. VPNs are an excellent way to keep matters to your interest. […]

Top Prank Apps of 2020

Fake Call – prank calling app, calling Santa If no day of the year is exempt from playing a prank on family and friends, then this fake calling app is for you. Prank the little ones into believing Santa Claus is calling with a scheduled incoming call or video message. As incoming calls and video […]

Motivating Your Employees to Track Time

Time is money. Badly managed time is the biggest expense your company will face. That’s why it’s vital that you focus on showing the importance of time tracking in your company from the start. If you know why time is essential for your success, you will know how to explain it to your employees as […]

The Most Popular Apps on Google Play

If you’re looking to design the next big consumer-facing app and feature it on the Google Play store, you’ve got a bit of an uphill battle. Nearly doubling the available apps on the Apple Store, Google Play has nearly 4 million apps to choose from. If you want to make a splash with your next […]

5 business financing trends you should know about

One of the biggest challenges that small business entrepreneurs experienced through history is merely generating enough income to start or expand their business. Start-up financing, believe it or not, is a huge consideration and a vital decision for any aspiring entrepreneur. While financing still remains the deepest concern for those who own a business, new […]

How to outsource your fintech project

First of all, why would you outsource your project? In old times most of the firms had their own lawyers, accountants, janitors and cooks. However, nowadays we may witness the age of specialized companies. An IT company hires cleaning service companies, accountancy companies, law offices and other specialized companies to assist in secondary matters. Same […]

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