What are the 16ths on a tape measure?

What are the 16ths on a tape measure?

These numbers refer to the 16″ centers for laying out studs and joists. Most carpenters have the 16″ centers memorized up to 8′, but a little help on the tape measure is well received when you get to 128″. As well as the 16″ marks, notice a black diamond mark every 19.2 inches, also called the black truss mark.

What is 16th of an inch?

In this case, there are 16 units of smaller quantity (1/16 inch) in one unit of the larger quantity. Multiply the larger-quantity amount by the number of smaller units per unit of the larger quantity. Multiplying 16 by 0.5 gives you 8, so 8/16 equals 0.5 inches.

How many 16ths are in a foot?

Twelve inches equals one foot. The inch is further divided into smaller units. There are 16 units in one inch. Each unit being one-sixteenth of an inch (1/16th inch).

What does 16ths mean on a ruler?

A ruler marked in 16ths. Every mark is 1/16th of an inch. The center mark between numbers is 1/2. The red lines on these rulers are marked at 1/2, and 1. The next smallest marks on a ruler are 1/4ths.

How do you measure tape measure?

How to Measure Using a Tape Measure Measure a length. Put the end of the measure at one end of the item or space you want to measure. Find the length. In order to determine the length, you must add the lengths between inches together. For a length less than 1 inch, simply read off the tape measure the length.

What are the measurements of a tape measure?

The tape is marked along the tape edge in inches and fractional inches, typically in quarter-, eight-, sixteenth-inch increments. Some tape measures are marked in millimeters, centimeters, and meters on one edge. The most common tape measures are 12 feet, 25 feet, or 100 feet in length.

How do you read tape measure?

Here’s how to read a tape measure in inches: Make a straight horizontal line on the sheet of paper. Pull out the tape measure along the line. The start of the tape should be on the left end of the line. Look at the nearest longer mark to the left of the end of the line. That will give you a number in whole inches.

What is metric tape measure?

The Festool Imperial – Metric Tape Measure is a versatile, lockable tape measure that allows users to easily work in both inches, feet and in metric units. The tape measure features a window in the top which provides a precise view of measurements when against a wall or another surface.

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