How do I contact DoYouSpain?

How do I contact DoYouSpain?

If you cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please contact us using the form on the next page or call us on +34 964 830 995.

Do you Spain free cancellation?

It’s free to cancel your Insurance Policy. But please remember to let us know in time! To obtain a refund of your Insurance Policy you must cancel it before the pick-up time stated on your rental voucher.

Do you Spain cooling off period?

You can cancel your booking using the link below or the link contained in your rental voucher. No refunds will be given if the booking is not cancelled before the pick up time shown on your rental voucher and we cannot use this money for other bookings.

Why is car hire so expensive in Spain?

Prices have as much as quadrupled. Car-hire firms in the Balearics are warning that there is a shortage of vehicles, one of the reasons being that car manufacturers are unable to take orders. The undersupply of vehicles is at a time when – it is hoped – there will be a reactivation of tourism.

Do you Spain fuel policy?

Full/Full: You will be given the car with a full tank of fuel which you will pay for on collection. You need to return the car with a full tank and the money you paid for the tank on collection will be refunded.

Is it illegal to wash your car in the street in Spain?

Fines ranging from 30€ to 3000€, depending where you live, is what you’ll have to pay if you wash your car in the street. Although this prohibition does not apply to your private land (such as a driveway), if you are using the space as a “business” (fixing other people’s cars) you could be fined too.

Do I need a green card to drive a Spanish car in Spain?

Which documents do I need for driving in Spain? To drive in Spain you will need a full and valid UK driver’s licence. Now that Brexit is complete, UK drivers heading out to Spain might also need a motor insurance Green Card, although you do not need to carry an International Driving Permit.

Why can’t you wash your car in Spain?

Can I drive in Spain with a UK license after Brexit?

The validity of UK driving licences in Spain after Brexit may be extended after October 31, according to British Ambassador in Spain Hugh Elliott. They can then exchange their licence to get a new Spanish one before December 31 2021.

What does it mean when creditor cancels a debt?

Also known as COD, a Cancellation of Debt is the result of a creditor discharging or forgiving debt for less than the full amount owed. The amount the debtor is no longer required to pay is considered “canceled” in the eyes of the law, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the once-owed money simply disappears from the record.

Do I have to pay taxes on cancellation of debt?

In general, if you have cancellation of debt income because your debt is canceled, forgiven, or discharged for less than the amount you must pay, the amount of the canceled debt is taxable and you must report the canceled debt on your tax return for the year the cancellation occurs.

When to file a cancellation of debt form?

Individuals will have to file Form 1099-C if the canceled debt amount is $600 or more. In 2018, the IRS received more than 3.9 million 1099-Cs, with expected amounts for 2019 to be 4.3 million and for 2020, 4.4 million. The cancellation of debt can greatly help provide relief to a distressed borrower.

Do you have to include canceled debt in gross income?

Some portions of your canceled debt may not be considered part of your gross income. Unlike debt exceptions, these provisions don’t count as part of your canceled debt at all. You must reduce certain tax attributes if you exclude canceled debt from income under one of the exclusions below.

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