What is Arcobaleno?

What is Arcobaleno?

Arcobaleno means rainbow in Italian. Specifically it may refer to: Arcobaleno selvaggio, a 1984 Italian film.

Who killed Colonello?

Arcobaleno Trials Arc Gokudera shoots him with various Flame Arrows, but Colonnello was able to avoid them. Colonnello then appeared better than the two, but Colonnello loses to Tsuna’s Attack. In the end, Colonnello’s Rifle was badly damaged.

Who is Tsuna’s Animal partner?

Vongola, nicknamed Nuts or Natsu, is a Sky-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon. It is the exclusive Vongola Box Weapon for Tsunayoshi Sawada and can transform into a cloak. And when combined with Tsuna’s X-Gloves, upgrades them into gauntlets.

How old are the Arcobaleno?

Really 700 Years Old: The Arcobalenos are stated to appear in certain points of time, which makes their ages vague since no one knows when they actually appeared. Soul Jar: The pacifiers work as one, as forcibly removing it from them also strip them of their flames, along with their lives.

Who is first vongola?

Giotto, later voluntarily renamed Ieyasu Sawada, is the founder and first boss of the Vongola Famiglia, giving him the title of Vongola Primo. He is the progenitor of the Blood of Vongola, and the direct ancestor of Iemitsu Sawada and Tsunayoshi Sawada. He is also the creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough.

How strong is iemitsu Sawada?

Enhanced Strength: Iemitsu is extremely powerful and is able to lift a huge chunk of earth, one handed, with practiced ease. Extreme Defense: Iemitsu is able to take on Tsuna’s strongest attacks head on without being damaged or show any signs of injury.

What kind of pacifier does Lal Mirch have?

Lal Mirch is an Arcobaleno who holds a corrupted Arcobaleno Pacifier, due to Colonnello’s intervention. She is also a member of CEDEF, serving under Iemitsu Sawada, and a former instructor of COMSUBIN.

How many pacifiers does an Arcobaleno have?

Arcobaleno is the Italian word for “rainbow.” There are seven spaces on the 7³, but there are 10 known Pacifiers in total. The color of a Pacifier is the same color as the owner’s Flame. The Arcobaleno have personalities that are opposite of that of the Vongola’s respective Flame roles.

What is the fandom number of Lal Mirch?

Trivia Lal Mirch (लाल मिर्च) is the Hindi name for chili pepper, or Capsicum annuum. Lal’s Fandom number is 66. Lal has an inability to wish her students good luck when they go out to battle.

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