What happened Margrit Balicki?

What happened Margrit Balicki?

In the book, Margrit Balicki is Joseph Balicki’s wife. Joseph is the principal of a school in Warsaw. Margrit is the mother of Ruth, Edek, and Bronia. When the Nazi soldiers forcibly enter the Balicki home, Margrit is the only one taken away.

Is the silver sword based on a true story?

Based on true accounts, this is a moving story of life during and after the Second World War. THE SILVER SWORD by Ian Serraillier is an unforgettable World War II survival story. Based on true accounts, this is a moving story of life during and after the Second World War.

What happened to Margaret in silver sword?

At the end of The Silver Sword, Margrit is reunited with her children in Switzerland, indicating that Joseph was correct in this belief, although it is never disclosed when during the course of the war she made her escape or how she got to Switzerland.

How old is Joseph in the silver sword?

Later, he and his sisters run away from the house. He takes on the responsibility of father for his two siblings, even though he is only about eleven years old.

What was EDEK’s role in Ruth and Bronia?

She is artistic, depicting at first frightening scenes of war, and later the peace and beauty of her new life in Switzerland. Edek is intelligent and self-reliant, taking charge of the children when they are first separated from their parents and executing a daring escape from a Nazi work camp under a train.

What did EDEK do for his siblings during the war?

Edek gets his siblings a mattress and sheets to use as bedding. He even makes some furniture for the small household. The text states that the war made Edek “sharp and self-reliant.” He is too busy to notice the sadness that surrounds him.

Who is the only boy in the Balicki family?

This soon wears off, however; she goes on to study at university in Zurich and becomes a teacher in her Swiss hometown. Edek is the middle Balicki child. As the only boy, he feels a pressure to step into the role of provider and her protector.

Why does EDEK always warn people around him?

Edek seems to check around him self and he always warn people around him, such as “Look out for the bridge” so I think he is trying to be careful so that nothing will happen to his family and others.

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