What kind of body kit does a Subaru WRX use?

What kind of body kit does a Subaru WRX use?

The STI wide body kitthat suits your tastes is out there, take a look through the 2011 – 2018 STI body kits to find the look you desire. There’s no reason you can’t make your WRX a mean looking hot rod or a sharp looking street machine, depending on which STI wide body kit you choose.

Is there a Subaru WRX STI rear diffuser?

Here are some of the 2011 – 2018 STI body kits available to Subaru WRX STI owners: WRX STI rear diffuser – This Subaru WRX STI Body Kit enhances the rear profile of the car with its sleek spoiler, race car design, and better aerodynamic performance.

Why do you need a Subaru STI body kit?

STI Body Kits improve the look and performance of your car and even improve the value of the car. You can make your Subaru look any way that you want, be it like a road ready race car or a sleek luxury sports car. Frankly, there is no downside to installing as many Subaru WRX STI Body Kits on your car.

Why do you need a splitter on a Subaru WRX?

Sure the Splitter will give your car a smart looking profile, but it can improve speed and even gas mileage as well. It can also help your car hug tighter turns and improve stability.

What are the side skirts on a Subaru WRX?

Side skirts reduce the high-pressure areas on the sides of the Subaru WRX and keep the vehicle functioning at its absolute best. With these WRX Body kits, it has never been easier for a driver to enhance the car performance and give the Subaru WRX a new asthethetic look.

Is the Subaru Prodrive made of fiberglass?

Please try again later. (FOR SUBARU IMPREZA GC8). This body kit is a 100% replica of the original part of the PRODRIVE for SUBARU WORLD RALLY TEAM (SWRT). It is made of fiberglass. I will show by the example of my car how to install this body kit.

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