What sizes do sectionals come in?

What sizes do sectionals come in?

Usually, the most common full sectionals measure about 95 in by 95 in or 98 in by 98 in and the depth typically measures 36 inches to 40 in. Of course, there are many other kinds of dimensions that sectional sofas are available in.

What is the average size of a sectional?

The overall length of a sectional sofa is usually between 94” and 156” (or between about 8′ and 13′) long. Overall Width: This is the total measurement of all the components along the back of the sofa.

What is the smallest sectional you can buy?

Most small sectionals are between 80″ and 100″ wide and 36″ to 40″ deep. Depth is measured from the back of the sofa to the end of the seat cushion. A chaise sofa may have a depth ranging from 60″ to 85″, measured from the back of the sofa to the end of the chaise.

Are sectional sofa good for small spaces?

“Sectionals can definitely work in small rooms if you’re willing to sacrifice the floor space,” Stephens told Living Cozy. “A sectional in a small living room can give a cozy den vibe—perfect for TV watching and reading. Just be sure that the pathways in and out of the room are easy to navigate.”

How do I know if I need a left or right facing sectional?

If you want the sectional to extend out at the right side, chose a right-facing sofa; if you want it to extend out at the left, choose a left-facing sofa.

How can you tell left or right sectional?

Right-Hand Facing: If you are standing facing a sectional and the chaise is on the right, it is a right-hand facing chaise. The arm of chaise is on the right, because the sofa continues to the left. Left-Hand Facing: If you are standing facing a sectional and the chaise is on the left, it is a left-hand facing chaise.

Will a sectional fit in my living room?

Depending on their size, sectionals can offer room for several more people to sit than a conventional sofa can. It can go anywhere. Most people think that sectionals can work only in large rooms—but that’s not so. Sectionals can really help maximize seating options in smaller spaces, especially when placed in a corner.

How long is a small sectional?

This is possibly the smallest 5 seat sectional currently available. Typically the most common sizes for a 5 seat sectional configuration with equal sides is 95″ x 95″ or 98″ x 98″ with depths of 36″ – 40″.

Can you have a sectional in a small room?

Yep, you heard right. Putting a big couch in a little living room may seem counterintuitive, but today’s chic, modern sectionals have a slim enough profile to work in a small space—and provide tons of seating, too.

Do sectionals save space?

Sectionals are the obvious space-saver and offer more flexibility with layout than the traditional setup of a sofa and two chair. They’re the more frugal option, too, if you employ the logic that one piece of furniture is probably cheaper than three.

Does a sectional make a room look bigger?

Having some space around even a small sectional sofa with a recliner will make the room feel larger and more open.

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