What is Kingsley Partick Thistle?

What is Kingsley Partick Thistle?

Partick Thistle Football Club (nicknamed the Jags) are a professional football club from Glasgow, Scotland. Despite their name, the club are based at Firhill Stadium in the Maryhill area of the city, and have not played in Partick since 1908.

What is the name of Partick Thistle ground?

Firhill Stadium
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Are Partick Thistles Catholic?

Partick Thistle fans are known for being a fiercely independent, non-sectarian (even atheist), underdog counterpoint to the other two Glasgow mega-teams, the Celtic (mostly Catholic fan-base) and Rangers (mostly Protestant fan-base).

Who owns Partick Thistle?

Partick Thistle will be a fan-owned club by June 2022 after an agreement was reached between the current owners and fans group The Jags Foundation (TJF). Three Black Cats (3BC) have consented to the transfer of shares to TJF by next summer in a landmark moment for the Maryhill club.

Where are Partick Thistle based?

Maryhill, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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What are Partick Thistle Colours?

The official colors of the Partick Thistle F.C. team are Red, Yellow, Black, and White.

When did Firhill Stadium become part of Partick Thistle?

Since 1909, the stadium has been the home of Partick Thistle, who compete in the Scottish Championship. The stadium is commonly referred to as simply Firhill, although since September 2017 it has also become known as The Energy Check Stadium at Firhill for sponsorship reasons.

Where does Partick Thistle play their home games?

Whilst Patrick Thistle would be an amazing name for a Hollywood movie star, Partick Thistle is the name of Glasgow’s third top-flight football team behind Rangers and Celtic. They play their home games at Firhill Stadium and have done ever since the ground opened in 1909.

When do Partick Thistle return to the Scottish Championship?

In the 2020–21 season, Thistle won Scottish League One, the third tier of the SPFL structure, and returned to the Scottish Championship, having been relegated from there in 2019–20 .

When did Partick Thistle build the North Stand?

The North Stand is also nothing too special, built in the early 2000s when the club graduated to the top-flight and had to build a new stand to meet Premier League regulations.

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