Who provides Sky Broadband in Ireland?

Who provides Sky Broadband in Ireland?

Sky Broadband Ireland operates on the basic eir part-fibre network, available to most households in Ireland, and offering speeds of up to 75Mb. You’ll find Sky’s cheapest deals on this network. However, Sky also operates on the SIRO broadband network which supplies 338,000 homes in Ireland.

Is Sky Broadband good in Ireland?

For those looking for high-speed broadband in Ireland, if you’re on the SIRO network then Sky is one of the providers you can switch between, making the most of quality pure fibre high-speed broadband at the prices.

How do I actually speak to someone at Sky Ireland?

You can call Customer Services for Sky Talk and/or Sky Broadband on 0818 762 917.

Is Sky Talk broadband?

Your Sky Talk package will come with Internet Calls if you have Sky Broadband Ultrafast or Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus. There’s no extra charge for Internet Calls, our Broadband & Talk packages cost the same whether you have Internet Calls or not. Take a look at our Sky Broadband & Talk packages.

What is the most reliable broadband provider in Ireland?

Sky crowned Ireland’s Best Broadband Provider for the second year in a row. Sky has been crowned Ireland’s Best Broadband Provider for the second year in a row at the annual Switcher.ie Broadband Awards.

What is the best WiFi provider in Ireland?

Virgin Media
Ookla┬«, the independent consumer initiated testing platform has named Virgin Media as Ireland’s fastest broadband provider, for the third year in a row, and Ireland’s fastest In-Home WiFi network.

How do I contact Sky about my broadband?

Call 0333 7591 018 Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers.

Do I have to have Sky talk with Sky Broadband?

Can I get Sky broadband without a landline? No, all Sky broadband packages, whether they’re standard broadband, superfast fibre or ultrafast, require you to take a landline too.

Will Sky cancel my TalkTalk contract?

There’s no need for you to contact Sky to cancel your old home broadband service. This is because the old Sky service will be cancelled for you automatically on the go-live date when your broadband service transfers to TalkTalk.

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