What exotic pets are legal in CT?

What exotic pets are legal in CT?

Connecticut is one of 10 states with a partial ban on private ownership of exotic animals. Permits are required for people o have animals, including live fish, wild birds, wild mammals, reptile, amphibian or invertebrates.

Can you own a tiger in Connecticut?

It is illegal to keep a tiger as a pet in Connecticut.

Is it legal to have a pet fox in CT?

Can you have a pet fox in CT? To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in Connecticut. The legal jargon: § 26-40a. Possession of potentially dangerous animal.

Can you own a wolf in CT?

Prohibited States. Private ownership of wolf hybrids is illegal in some states. These are Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Wyoming.

Are sugar gliders legal in CT?

The Sugar Gliders look like flying squirrels, but they are actually small, nocturnal marsupials. Owning them in some states is illegal, but not in Connecticut. Sugar Gliders are high maintenance, nocturnal, require a special diet and vets familiar with their needs,” said Gemma Vaughan, a PETA cruelty case worker.

How many cats can you own in CT?

Dogs, cats, and similar domestic pets, provided that no more than six (6) animals are kept and no commercial kennel is operated. Ducks, geese, chickens, etc., provided that no more than twelve (12) such animals are kept.

Are pet pigs legal in Connecticut?

Are teacup pigs legal in Connecticut? Teacup pigs are now legal in most cities. It is still a good idea to check your local city ordinances. You can do this through a simple Google search.

Can you have a pet racoon in CT?

Possession of skunks or raccoons. Skunks and raccoons: BANS breeding and selling except for zoos, nature centers, museums, and laboratory and research facilities. BANS skunks after 1979 and raccoons after 1985.

Are Fennec foxes legal in CT?

To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in Connecticut. The legal jargon: § 26-40a. Possession of potentially dangerous animal.

What are the laws about dogs in Connecticut?

Restricting number of dogs on residential property. Public Act 17-12 – An Act Concerning Liability for Damage Caused by a Dog Assigned to a Law Enforcement Officer. Public Act 17-102 – An Act Concerning Harassment of a Guide or Assistance Dog or the Handler of Such Dog. Sec. 14-226 Operator to report injury to dog.

Can a person own a dangerous wild animal?

Summary of Law: A person may not possess most dangerous non-native wild animals. Dangerous wild animals include gray wolves, big cats and hybrids, bears, elephants, rhinoceroses, many primates, and others. Exotic animals owned prior to June 1, 2015 can be kept, as long as the owner obtains a permit.

Is it illegal to possess a poisonous snake in Delaware?

Summary of Law: All persons must obtain a permit before they can possess a live wild mammal or hybrid of a wild animal. It is illegal to possess, sell, or exhibit any poisonous snake not native to or generally found in Delaware. Citation: D EL. C ODE A NN tit. 3, §7201, §7202, and §7203

Do you need a license to own an exotic animal?

L = Requires the “owner” of the exotic animal to obtain a license or permit or to register the animal with state or local authorities to privately possess the animal (excludes states only requiring import permits)

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