Is the Mini Clubvan still made?

Is the Mini Clubvan still made?

So much for the Mini John Cooper Works GP being the rarest of all Minis. Though Mini has plans to make just 2000 GPs, there’s one model that’s 40 times rarer than it – the Mini Clubvan, which has reportedly already been discontinued in the U.S. with just 50 sold.

Can I sleep in a Mini Clubman?

It’s large enough to fit McCright and his girlfriend, so now they can drive to a campsite and simply sleep in the back. There’s no need to pack a tent.

What is a Mini Clubvan?

The MINI Clubvan is the first commercial vehicle from MINI and uses the same extended chassis as the Clubman estate. However, the rear seats and windows have been taken out to make way for a separate, carpet-lined loading bay with an 860-litre capacity.

How long is the boot in a Mini Clubman?

Mini Clubman boot space

Mini Clubman boot space Compared to similar cars
Boot space with seats up 360 litres Average
Boot space with seats down 1250 litres Average

Do mini make vans?

Named the Clubman, it was a stretched MINI Cooper Hatchback with asymmetrical rear “Barn Doors”, and a third door on the right side of the vehicle to allow for easier rear seat access. However, in 2012, MINI introduced a “Cargo Van” version of the Clubman, named the Clubvan.

Does the MINI Clubman have heated seats?

The most popular package is likely to be the Chili pack which includes a part leather upholstery in various colour combinations, heated front seats, rear parking sensors, climate control, LED headlights and foglights, Mini’s Comfort Access Pack, additional alloy wheels and lots of additional storage compartment.

Do the seats fold flat in a Mini Clubman?

With all three rear seats in place, the MINI Clubman boot can hold 360 litres of luggage. If you need to carry a bulkier load, folding down the 60:40 split rear seat liberates up to 1,250 litres.

Can I tow a caravan with a MINI Clubman?

Towing. Maximum towing capacity across the MINI Clubman range is 1,300kg, which is just enough to tow a medium-sized caravan or trailer.

Can a MINI Clubman pull a caravan?

As a small car, the Mini is not the ideal vehicle for towing heavy or heavy loads, such as campers, but it is quite capable of pulling a small trailer….Can a Mini tow a caravan?

Car Make & Model Max Towing Weight – Unbraked Max Towing Capacity – Braked
MINI Clubman (2007 – 2014) 500kg/1 102.3 pounds 650kg/1 433 pounds

Is a Mini Clubman a van?

MINI reprises the classic Minivan by removing the rear seats from the Clubman. A stylish LCV for fashion-conscious small-business user. MINI has dug into its pre-BMW back catalogue to recreate the classic runabout Minivan by removing the rear seats and windows from its Clubvan estate car.

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