Where was the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables performed?

Where was the 25th anniversary of Les Misérables performed?

the O2 Arena
In 2010, the legendary musicalcelebrated its 25th birthday, and to mark the occasion, producer Cameron Mackintosh staged an extraordinary concert at the O2 Arena in London.

Who was the original Jean Val Jean?

Colm Wilkinson
Colm Wilkinson was the go-to leading man in the ’80s. So much so, his superhero name would be The Originator. The famed tenor is a seasoned solo artist as well as musical theatre performer but is probably best known for being the first ever Jean Valjean.

When was Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert?

3 October 2010
Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary was performed and filmed at The O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London, England on 3 October 2010 at 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm….

Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary
Release date 3 October 2010
Running time 186 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

What is the storyline of Les Misérables?

Set in early 19th-century France during the French Revolution, Les Misérables is the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his desire for redemption, released in 1815 after serving nineteen years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child.

Did a Jonas brother sing in Les Misérables?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Before gaining international fame as the youngest member of the pop singing group the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas was a Broadway baby, appearing in Les Misérables, Beauty and the Beast and Annie Get Your Gun.

Which is the correct spelling Les Mis or Les Miserables?

Les Misérables (musical) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Les Misérables (/leɪ ˌmɪzəˈrɑːb(lə)/; French pronunciation: ​[le mizeʁabl(ə)]), colloquially known in English-speaking countries as Les Mis or Les Miz (/leɪ ˈmɪz/), is a sung-through musical based on the 1862 novel of the same name by French poet and novelist Victor Hugo.

When is Les Miserables concert at the Sondheim?

Cameron Mackintosh is delighted to announce the return of Les Misérables – The Staged Concert for an eight-week limited run at the Sondheim Theatre from 5 December 2020 – 31 January 2021, coinciding with the musical’s 35th year on Shaftesbury Avenue.

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