Is Paola a Mexican name?

Is Paola a Mexican name?

Paola is the Italian and Spanish female form of Paul. It is a Top 100 favorite female name in Spain and ranked among the Top 40 in Mexico.

What does Paola mean as a name?

Meaning of Paola Paola means “humble” or “small” (from Latin “paulus”).

Is Paolo a Spanish or Italian name?


Pronunciation Italian: [ˈpaːolo]
Gender Male
Language(s) Italian
Name day June 29
Other names

Is Paola an Italian last name?

Italian : from the female personal name Paola, feminine form of Paolo, Italian equivalent of Paul.

What does Paola mean in Latin?

More info about the name “Paola” Paula originates in Latin language and means “tiny, petite”. It is a feminine form of Paul, ultimately derived from Paulus. In French it is used as a surname as well. It was also the name of a saint, Saint Paula was a follower of Saint Jerome.

What is a good nickname for Paola?

Nicknames: Lola, Pola, Paolita.

Is Paolo a Filipino name?

Paolo is Filipino Boy name and meaning of this name is “small”.

Is Paolo Spanish?

The name Paolo is a boy’s name of Italian origin meaning “small”. Among noted bearers of the name are Renaissance painters Uccello and Veronese, architect Soleri, and whole teams of Italian soccer players — or so it seems. Another possibility is the Spanish version of Paul: Pablo, as in Picasso and Casals.

What ethnicity is the name Paola?

The name Paola is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means Small.

What kind of last name is Paola?

The surname Paola comes from the personal name Paolo, the Italian equivalent of Paul. The popularity of this name was originally due to the fact that during the Christian era, people often named their children after saints and biblical figures.

What does the name Paola mean biblically?

What does Paola mean in the Bible? Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Paola The Latin word “Paulus” means ‘small, humble. ‘ Paul is borne from the Bible, in the New Testament, as one of the most influential Christian missionaries who lived in the first century at the time of rising Christian beliefs.

What does the name Paola mean urban dictionary?

girl who is pretty and smart
Urban Dictionary on Twitter: “paola: A girl who is pretty and smart.

What does the name Paola mean as a name?

Paola ▼ as a girls’ name is of Latin origin, and the name Paola means “small”. Paola is an alternate spelling of Paula (Latin): feminine of Paul.

What is the origin of the name Paola?

The name Paola is of Latin and Italian origin. The meaning of Paola is “small”. Paola is generally used as a girl’s name.

Is the name Paola boys name or girls name?

Paola. Gender: Female. Origin: Italian. Meaning: Small. ♥ Add to my Namelist. The name Paola means Small and is of Italian origin. Paola is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Form of Paula. People who like the name Paola also like the names: Emma, Dahlia, Isabel, Gaia, Giselle, Diana, Lorena, Adrian, David, Carlos, Antony, Emilio, Rex, Sergio.

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