When can I book NMAT retake?

When can I book NMAT retake?

A candidate can only book the retake of the examination after 24 hours of appearing for the first attempt, and the retake date should be 15 days after the date of your first attempt.

What is the procedure for retake in NMAT?

How to Apply for NMAT 2021 Retake Registration?

  1. Key in credentials created for NMAT 2021 registration in the dashboard.
  2. Select ‘retake section’
  3. Select fresh date and time and complete NMAT retake registration with fee payment.

What is the retake fees for NMAT?

Free Official practice exams, called NMAT by GMAC™ Official Practice Exam 1 (Free). Two free attempts are available for candidates to practice and familiarizes with exam pattern. 2 retake attempts….NMAT 2021 Exam Fees.

NMAT 2021 Test Service NMAT Fees Remarks
NMAT Retake Registration Rs.2300/- + Applicable Taxes

Can I retake NMAT?

There is no limit to the number of times an examinee can take the NMAT exam.

Has NMAT 2021 registration started?

The NMAT 2021 registration process commenced as of 3rd August 2021 and will end on 10th November 2021. The exam will be conducted in a 88-day window expected to commence from the 14th October 2021 to the 27th December 2021. Candidates need to register for the exam before the 10th November 2021 to avoid late fees.

What is a good score in NMAT?

99 percentile: Generally, a score ranging from 230 – 240 is equivalent to 99 percentile in NMAT. 95 percentile: Candidates who have scaled scores in the range of 210 – 215 usually get a 95+ percentile score in NMAT. 90 percentile: A score above 200 is generally required for a 90+ percentile in NMAT.

Is it free to retake Nmat?

In order to reschedule the NMAT 2021 test, candidates had to apply for the NMAT exam reschedule option in less than 72 hours from the date and schedule of the test. NMAT rescheduling steps can also be completed through the same student account. The retake fee is Rs 2,300 and the rescheduling fee is Rs 1,200.

Is NMAT 2021 adaptive?

The most significant change this year is that the NMAT 2021 will be a computerized adaptive test. The total number of questions has reduced from 120 to 108. The sectional timings have changed as well as the overall time is increased by 2 minutes. The result of the exam will be received within 48 hours of the exam.

Has NMAT 2022 registration started?

NMAT 2022 Registration has been started from 3rd August 2021. NMAT is a university level Management entrance exam conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) every year.

Is 221 a good NMAT score?

According to NMAT 2017 results, a scaled score between 222-238 was equivalent to 99 percentile, a scaled score of 217/216 was equivalent to 97 percentile and a scaled score of 210/211 was equivalent to 94 percentile.

Does NMAT 2021 have negative marking?

The NMAT by GMAC exam pattern is of moderate difficulty level. NMAT Exam 2021 does not have negative marking. The NMAT test takers can expect a good score in NMAT exam.

How to book slot for NMAT 2021 retake?

Retake registration option will be enabled on candidates dashboard after the releasing of exam date. Candidates can register for NMAT 2021 retake by simply clicking on “Retake section”, after that they need to select the mode and pay the NMAT 2021 retake fees after that they can book their NMAT 2021 retake slot.

When do you have to retake the NMAT test?

However, NMAT Retake can be scheduled only 15 calendar days after the initial attempt. Registration for Test Retake can be done online through the candidate’s login, filling up, and submitting the Retake form.

Is there a rescheduling window for the NMAT?

Candidates have the option of rescheduling their tests according to their convenience. NMAT 2021 rescheduling window is similar to scheduling and retakes windows. Candidates can reschedule their tests no later than 72 hours. Seat availability in terms of the test center, time slot, and date will be on a “First-Come-First-serve basis.

How do I book an exam for NMAT?

Click on the ‘book exam’ tab to reach the scheduling system. Choose the country and city and NMAT test centre and choose the date and time to take the exam. Click on the ‘book exam’ tab to reach the scheduling system. First step will be to fill out the ‘My Profile’ section before moving onto ‘Scheduling exam appointment’.

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