Who are the cast in Unforgotten?

Who are the cast in Unforgotten?

Unforgotten season four

  • Nicola Walker plays DCI Cassie Stewart.
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar plays DI Sunny Khan.
  • Peter Egan plays Martin Hughes.
  • Alastair MacKenzie plays DCI John Bentley.
  • Liz White plays Fiona Grayson.
  • Susan Lynch plays Elizabeth Baildon.
  • Andy Nyman plays Dean Barton.
  • Phaldut Sharma plays Ram Sidhu.

Is DCI Cassie Stuart married?

DCI Cassie Stuart is divorced and lives with her father Martin with whom she has a good relationship. She has two sons, both studying at university.

Why is Nicola Walker leaving Unforgotten?

Why did Nicola Walker leave ‘Unforgotten’? Sadly, DCI Cassie Stuart, played by Nicola Walker did not survive her injuries sustained from a car crash in the penultimate episode. In a statement, it was revealed Walker and creator Chris Lang came to the agreement her character’s story had “come to an end.”

Is Unforgotten coming back in 2020?

Shortly after the fourth season finale aired on ITV in the U.K., the network confirmed Unforgotten would return for season five. Creator Chris Lang revealed in July 2020 he was working on scripts for the fifth series, posting a picture of himself working on a script in his Soho office in London.

Who plays Peter Egan’s wife in unforgotten?

Myra Frances
Unforgotten star Peter Egan’s wife has died of cancer. The actor, who plays the father of Nicola Walker’s DCI Cassie Stuart in the ITV drama, paid tribute to Myra Frances, who he has been married to for 49 years.

Who is in the cast of unforgotten 2021?

Series 4 (2021) cast

  • Susan Lynch as DCC Liz Baildon.
  • Andy Nyman as Dean Barton.
  • Phaldut Sharma as DCI Ram Sidhu.
  • Liz White as Fiona Grayson.
  • Sheila Hancock as Eileen Baildon.
  • Lucy Speed as Marnie Barton.
  • Clare Calbraith as Anna Sidhu.
  • Daniel Flynn as Geoff Tomlinson.

Who is Nicola Walker married to?

Barnaby Kay
Nicola Walker/Spouse

What is Nicola Walker doing after unforgotten?

Now that Nicola Walker has left Unforgotten, heartbroken fans will be wondering what she will be getting up to. Not to worry, she moved onto yet another British Crime Drama series titled Annika. In the drama, she plays DI Annika Strandhed, a detective who works in the marine homicide in Scotland.

How many unforgotten episodes are there?

Unforgotten/Number of episodes

What happened to Cassie at the end of unforgotten series 3?

The penultimate episode ended with a car crash that came so unexpectedly that I genuinely and audibly gasped, and in the finale, as the murder case was finally wrapped up, Cassie, the best fictional detective since Sarah Lund, only went and bloody died, in hospital, after a random accident, leaving Sanjeev Bhaskar’s …

Who are the actors in the ITV series Unforgotten?

Unforgotten ITV Trailer. Unforgotten ITV Cast List – TV Drama. Character Name – Actor/Actress. Detective Chief Inspector Cassie Stuart – Nicola Walker – Spooks, Last Tango in Halifax, River, Heading Out, Babylon, Prisoners Wives, Scott & Bailey, Inside Men, Touching Evil, Chalk, Torn, Beyond the Gates.

Is there going to be a season 4 of Unforgotten?

The ITV crime drama Unforgotten returns for a highly anticipated fourth series bringing a new case for DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan to crack.

Who is the actress who plays Fiona in Unforgotten?

Liz White as Fiona Grayson in Unforgotten. Picture: ITV Actress Liz White starred as Annie Cartwright in the BBC series Life on Mars and Emma Keane in the Channel 4 drama series Ackley Bridge. Alice Sykes plays Claire in Unforgotten. Picture: ITV Alice Sykes starred in Cradle to Grave in 2015, After Louise in 2019 and Criminal Justice back in 2008.

Where was the first series of Unforgotten filmed?

Filming for the first series began in March 2015 and lasted for twelve weeks. Locations included Liverpool, the London suburbs, Kingston upon Thames, the Essex coast, Westminster, and the Fens. After the unexpected success of the initial series, ITV commissioned a second series, with Lang returning as writer and Wilson as director.

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