How can I apply for Pakistan visa from South Africa?

How can I apply for Pakistan visa from South Africa?

Documents required to apply for a visa

  1. A passport or travel document valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of your intended visit.
  2. Your passport must have at least TWO unused page for entry / departure endorsements.
  3. A completed Form BI-84 (application for a visa)
  4. Payment of the prescribed fee.

How much is visa from South Africa to Pakistan?

South Africa Visa Types

Visa Type Duration / Validity Visa Fee
Visit Visa 3 Months / 3 Months Rs 3,700
Long Term Visitor’s Visa for spouse and children of TRVs 2 Years max / 3 months Rs 3,700 and 50$
Business Visa 90 Days / 90 Days Rs 13,000

What are the visa requirements for Pakistan?

Applicant need to provide following documents for visa application:

  • Duly filled and signed Visa Application Form.
  • Original passport valid for at least six months along with its photocopy.
  • Two recent passport size photographs with white background.
  • A request for issuance of visa signed by both the parents.

What is requirement for Pakistani Passport?

Father’s Original valid Passport (mandatory) + Photocopy. Father’s Original valid CNIC/NICOP (mandatory) + Photocopy. Mother’s Original valid Passport (mandatory) + Photocopy. Mother’s Original valid CNIC/NICOP (mandatory) + Photocopy.

What is requirement for Pakistani passport?

How much does Pakistani visa cost?

Tourist Visa Fees to Pakistan:

Processing Time: Standard Visa to Pakistan 7 business day
Validity: 1 yr
Consular Fee: $90.00
Service fee: $99.00
Total cost: $189.00

How long does Pakistani visa take?

The Pakistan visa processing time is between 10-12 working days. and Pakistan visa on arrival application will take 10 to 12 working days with a normal process and an Urgent Process within 24 working hours.

Does South African need visa for Pakistan?

Yes. According to Pakistan’s visa policy, the citizens of South Africa can apply for a Pakistan eVisa.

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