What is a Socapex cable used for?

What is a Socapex cable used for?

Socapex is a brand of electrical connectors, known in the entertainment industry primarily for their 19-pin electrical connectors, commonly known as Socapex connectors, and used in film, television, and stage lighting to terminate the ends of a multicable.

How many pins are in a Socapex connector?

Initially developed in 1961, Socapex is a 19-pin electrical connector with a high strength-weight ratio that has become the standard for stage lighting multi-cable connections.

What is a 19-pin connector?

Connector usually contains two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets surrounded by a D-shaped metal shield that provides mechanical support, ensures correct orientation, and screen against electromagnetic interference. …

How many circuits does a Socapex cable have?

6 circuits
Special socapex cable is used in the lighting world to carry 6 circuits of power inside 1 multipin cable. The Showsafe connector features 19 pins, an all-metal exterior and locking threads to keep the lines together.

What is a Bates connector?

For 30 years bates stage pins have been the industry standard for stage lighting devices. Our Bates UltraDur connectors are manufactured from an extreme temperature tolerant nylon compound. Bates stage pin connectors offer years of reliable service in the most demanding environments. …

Which interface uses a 19-pin type A connector?

Found on many home theater/consumer electronics devices, HDMI uses a 19-pin connector that is held in place by friction. This connector is technically described as a Type A HDMI connector.

Which HDMI connector is also known as the mini HDMI?

HDMI Type C connector
HDMI Type C connector – Mini-HDMI connector: This is the mini-HDMI connector and is smaller than the Type A connector, measuring 10.42 mm × 2.42 mm but still retaining the 19-pin configuration.

How many amps are in an Edison plug?

20 amps
An ordinary household electrical plug in the United States. Characterized by having two flat blades and a semi-round ground pin. There are several different variations on this theme: A plug rated at 20 amps will generally have one blade perpindicular to the other.

What are three leads to an Edison plug?

Prongs on Plugs FAQ A three-pronged receptacle are known as a grounding receptacle. Unlike two-prong receptacles, three-prong receptacles are connected to a ground that protects the electrical appliance that is plugged into it from being damaged in case of a short circuit.

What port looks like HDMI?

Connecting With DisplayPort DisplayPort looks similar to HDMI but is a connector more common on PCs than TVs. It still allows for high-definition video and (in many cases) audio, but its standards are a bit different.

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