What is the meaning of 1Rx8?

What is the meaning of 1Rx8?

1Rx8 means it is a single-rank module and 2Rx8 means it is a dual-rank module module. Rank is a data block which is 64 bits wide without Error Correction Code (ECC) created using some, or all of the memory chips on a module. The x8 in them specifies the number of banks in the memory module.

What’s the difference between 1Rx8 and 2Rx8?

Distinguished. 1Rx8 has the memory on one side only. 2Rx8 is a two-sided memory stick.

What does 2Rx4 mean in RAM?

4 Answers. 4. 38. 2R == 2 RANKS, this is the number of chip selects each DIMM module has. x4 == data-bus width of each DRAM (chip)

What is 1Rx8 1Rx16?

1Rx8 means 1 rank with 8 bit wide chips, so to get a 64 bit wide rank you need 8 chips on that rank. 1Rx16 means 1 rank with 16 bit wide chips, so a 64 bit wide rank uses 4 chips.

What does the 11 12 B4 mean on RAM?

The first 11 is the CAS timing. The second 11 or 12 is the version of Serial Presence Detect (SPD) used for communication between the RAM module and the computer. The B3 or B4 is the reference design file used for this design and Revision number of the reference design used.

What does rank mean in RAM?

A memory rank is a block or area of data that is created using some, or all, of the memory chips on a module. A rank is a data block that is 64 bits wide. On systems that support Error Correction Code (ECC) an additional 8 bits are added, which makes the data block 72 bits wide.

What does 2rx4 mean in RAM?

Is dual channel the same as dual rank?

You’ve probably heard of dual-channel memory, but what about dual-rank? Yes, that’s another kind of memory DIMM (module). In simple words, a dual-rank memory DIMM is the equivalent of having two regular “single-rank” memory modules on the same DIMM.

What does 1rx8 mean on a memory card?

x8 (for exsample PC3 1Rx8) means that phisical memory chips on the DDR module/ PCB holds 8 bit long memory.

What does 1R mean and what does 2R mean?

1R means the chips are all on one side, 2R means they’re higher density on both sides. Some boards will not use high density with low density RAM chips or vise versa. Those built off the ATi chipset are one.

What does r1x8 mean on an Intel processor?

R1x8 therefor means this module is a single-rank module, the other module, R2x4 being a dual-rank module. Some Intel chipsets limit the number of ranks that you can put into your computer.

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