Where is Cape York Peninsula in Australia?

Where is Cape York Peninsula in Australia?

Cape York Peninsula, northernmost extremity of Australia, projecting into theTorres Strait between the Gulf of Carpentaria (west) and the Coral Sea (east).

What Aboriginal land is Cape York?

Cape York Peninsula is a large peninsula located in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is the largest unspoiled wilderness in northern Australia. The land is mostly flat and about half of the area is used for grazing cattle….

Cape York Peninsula
Bodies of water Coral Sea, Torres Strait, Gulf of Carpentaria

How much of the road to Cape York is sealed?

As of December 2015, 68.8 km (42.8 mi) of new road has been sealed through the Cape York Region Package. As at June 2019, a total of 173 km (107 mi) will be sealed under the package, leaving only 200 km (124 mi) of 571 km (355 mi) unsealed.

How much does a Cape York trip cost?

7 Day Cape York Tour – Budget or Accommodated – Drive/Fly (HT)

Rate Option Adults Families
7 Day Cape York Safari – Drive/Fly – Accommodated (HT) 2022 (twin share) $4,199.00 N/A
7 Day Cape York Safari – Drive/Fly – Accommodated (HT) 2022 (single) $5,098.00 N/A

Can you get to Cape York in a 2wd?

2wd cars do make it to Cape York. If you stick to the most friendly route then they classify it as 4wd recommended, not 4wd only.

Why is it called Cape York?

Cape York is at the extreme northern tip of the peninsula, about 25 km from north to south, named in August 1770 by Lieutenant James Cook ‘in honour of His Royal Highness, the Duke of York’. The western side of the peninsula is mostly a vast plain crossed by rivers and channels that flow from the dividing range.

How much of Cape York is native title?

The Cape York Land Council has fought to achieve native title rights, under instructions, for Cape York Aboriginal people over 45% per cent of the region since 1990.

Who owns Cape York?

The Ipima Ikaya Aboriginal Corporation holds land and waters on the northern tip of the Cape York Peninsula in trust for the McDonnell Atampaya, Gudang Yadhaigana and Angkamuthi Seven Rivers…

Do you need a 4WD for Cape York?

Do I need a modified 4WD for the trip? No, not really. I’ve read so many articles and seen so many videos that say ‘These hectic suspension modifications and aftermarket accessories are essential for the Cape.

Can you take alcohol to Cape York?

The maximum amount of alcohol that can be carried per vehicle is: 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 30 can carton of any strength beer, or 2 litres of wine (unfortified) and 1 x 24 can carton of premixed spirits of up to 5.5% alcohol/volume.

Can I take dog to Cape York?

Yes dogs can go to Cape York! It might be tricky on holiday however, as you must abide by National Park laws, which don’t allow dogs in National Parks.

Can you get to Cape York in a 2WD?

Where is the Cape York Peninsula in Australia?

At the northernmost tip of Queensland, Cape York Peninsula is a remote wilderness area, boasting outstanding species diversity and features that are globally, regionally, and nationally significant in respective of eight natural heritage criteria (Mackey et al. 2001).

What to do in the Cape York Peninsula?

Cape York peninsula is full of things to see and do. It is mostly known for its fun four wheel drives and the northernmost point of the mainland Australia, but there is more.

Who are the people of Cape York Peninsula?

Cape York Peninsula has been home to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for millennia. Traditional cultures are still very much alive in the region.

Is the Cape York Peninsula connected to New Guinea?

Australia and New Guinea have been connected for a large part of the last 1 million years, although the largely dry climate of the northern Cape York Peninsula has limited the flow of species from New Guinea, which are mostly rainforest- or wet-adapted species.

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