What episode of The Simpsons does Lisa go crazy?

What episode of The Simpsons does Lisa go crazy?

Bye Bye Nerdie
“Bye Bye Nerdie” is the sixteenth episode of the twelfth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons….Bye Bye Nerdie.

“Bye Bye Nerdie”
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 12 Episode 16
Directed by Lauren MacMullan
Written by John Frink Don Payne

What episode of The Simpsons does Lisa get her period?

Lisa’s Date with Density
“Lisa’s Date with Density” is the seventh episode of the eighth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 15, 1996. It was written by Mike Scully and directed by Susie Dietter.

Is it really Lady Gaga in The Simpsons?

Lady Gaga will play herself in the episode “Lisa Goes Gaga,” which is set to air this fall after the show returns for its 23rd season on September 25. In the episode, Lady Gaga will head to Springfield, where self-esteem has plummeted, and helps Lisa Simpson to find her voice.

Does Lisa marry Nelson?

Although she dates Nelson later in her adulthood at the end of Season 27’s “Barthood,” “Holidays of Futures Passed” and its sequel, Season 25’s “Days of Future Future,” reveal that Lisa eventually married Milhouse and had a daughter, Zia. However, even in this period, Nelson remains a part of their lives.

Who is Lisa’s crush?

BLACKPINK member Lisa was never shy about showing her love for actor Gong Yoo, as in the past, she revealed that he’s her ideal type.

Is Nelson in love with Lisa?

In “Holidays of Future Passed”, Nelson is shown to be in love with Lisa Simpson. Also, Lisa says to Bart, “Well, someone calls someone.”, when asked, “Nelson calls you?”, implying that she calls him, rather than he calls her.

What did Lady Gaga say on the Simpsons?

Lady Gaga : Listen up, Lisa. This pity party is being shut down by the smile police. Lisa Simpson : This isn’t about me, this is all about you! “Hello!

When did Lisa wear the watch on the Simpsons?

Note: In the episode in the tree scene, Lisa wears a watch. During August 2011, it was revealed that Lady Gaga would star as herself in an upcoming episode. Gaga’s recording sessions took place on August 22-26th in Los Angeles.

What happens when Lisa snaps at Lady Gaga?

After many attempts to make Lisa happy, Lisa snaps at Lady Gaga, who then feels that she failed her mission. Lisa soon discovers that her outburst helped her in not bottling up her anger, and runs to find Lady Gaga. When she finds her, Lisa apologizes and Lady Gaga is relieved to find out that her mission was successful.

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