How fast does a 130 hp Sea-Doo go?

How fast does a 130 hp Sea-Doo go?

The top speed of the 2021 Sea-Doo GTI 130 is around 52 mph, and you can also expect the same performance on the GTI SE 130 model. Both of these models are powered with a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 1630 cc, non-supercharged 130 HP Rotax engine.

How many HP is a Sea-Doo GTI 130?

130 hp
GTI SE 130

Engine 130
Type 1630 ACE™- 130
Engine Horse Power 130 hp
Engine intake system Naturally aspirated
Cylinders & Displacement 1630 cc

How much is a Sea-Doo GTI 130?

2021 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130 Specifications

Model Type 3-4 Passenger
BASE MSRP(US) $10,899.00
Dealers Sea-Doo Dealers
Warranty 12

What’s the difference between a GTX and a GTI Sea-Doo?

They are two very different beasts. The GTI is lighter and a little more nimble, the GTX is heavier and rides much nicer.

Can a Sea Doo GTI 130 pull a skier?

The Ski-Eye is designed for the following models: GTX, GTS, GTI, RXT,2012 GTR, 2012 RXP-X, and can be used for pulling any type of skier or inflatable. Sea-Doo Wake models come equipped with a Retractable Ski Pylon that makes it easy for a spotter to sit on the back of the watercraft and includes built in grab rails.

Does Sea Doo GTI 130 have reverse?

Meet the Sea-Doo gTI 130 – a PWC whose performance far exceeds its price. It’s equipped with a powerful 130-hp Rotax 4-TEC engine, as well as a standard reverse typically not found on the direct competition. on a Sea-doo PWC, the reverse is on the left, giving you more control.

What jet ski has the most horsepower?

What jet ski has the most horsepower? The Kawasaki ULTRA 310 jet skis offer the most horsepower on the market right now, as these jet skis are powered with 1,498cc, four-stroke, supercharged 310 HP engines.

How fast does a Sea-Doo GTX 170 go?

Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed by Model

Sea-Doo Model Top Speed
Recreation Lite Series -Spark -Trixx -40 mph to 50 mph -60 mph
Recreation Series -GTI 90 / 130 -GTI SE 130 / 170 -50 mph to 55 mph -55 mph to 60 mph
Touring Series -GTX Limited 230 / 300 -GTX 170 / 230 -60 mph to 70 mp -55 mph to 65 mph

What’s the top speed of a 2012 Sea Doo?

2012 Sea-Doo GTI 130 Horsepower 130 Top Speed (mph) 54 PWR – Dry Weight (HP/lbs)* 0.17 PWR – Curb Weight (HP/lbs)* 0.15

What makes the Sea Doo GTI so special?

The smartly designed GTI platform offers a lower center of gravity for incredible stability and confidence at speed or at rest, yet lightweight and ultra-responsive for a power-filled fun factor. Bring It! With an abundant front cargo space, plus the option of adding LinQ accessories, the GTI offers the most available storage in its class.

When did the Sea Doo GTX 4 TEC come out?

2002: This year Sea-Doo launched its GTX 4-TEC line equipped with 4-stroke Rotax engines. These machines were also equipped with a unique Off-Power Assisted Steering system (a.k.a. O.P.A.S.). This system had two fins installed on the rear side of the hull designed for steering the PWC at idle speed.

Who is the owner of the Sea Doo?

Sea-Doo is one of the most well-known brands in the world of personal watercraft (PWC) and is owned and operated by the industry-giant BRP. Year-after-year Sea-Doo never fails to offer the largest fleet of PWCs, more than any other brand and in every region of the world.

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