Who is the IAS of Tamil Nadu?

Who is the IAS of Tamil Nadu?

List Of Collectors

S.No. Name of the Collector From
72 Dr.J.Vijaya Rani, IAS 16/06/2021
71 Tmt. R.Seethalakshmi, IAS 01/07/2019
70 Thiru A.Shanmuga Sundram, IAS 06/09/2018
69 Thiru V. Anbuselvan, IAS 09/03/2017

Who is the IAS officer of Chennai?

Dr.J.Vijaya Rani
Dr.J.Vijaya Rani, I.A.S., District Collector, Chennai

Name Dr.J.Vijaya Rani, I.A.S.
Address Fourth Floor, M. Singaravelar Maaligai, 62, Rajaji Salai, Chennai Collectorate, Chennai – 600 001
Mobile 9444131000
Phone 044- 25228025
Fax 044-25228025

Who is secretariat Tamilnadu?

Irai Anbu is the new Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary.

Which state is best for IAS officers?

There were 15 candidates who were appointed as IAS Officers from the state of Haryana and 19 from the state of Rajasthan in UPSC 2015….States’ Performance in 2011-2015 – UPSC CSE.

State No of selected IAS Officers during 2011-2015
Uttar Pradesh 118
Rajasthan 97
Tamil Nadu 90
Bihar 68

Who is Tamil Nadu PM?

The current incumbent is M. K. Stalin of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam since 7 May 2021….List of chief ministers of Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
Incumbent M. K. Stalin since 7 May 2021
Chief Minister’s Office
Style The Honourable (Formal) Mr./Mrs. Chief Minister (Informal)
Status Head of Government

Who can dismiss IAS?

Simply speaking, only the President of India can suspend or dismiss IAS officers after reviewing their case. The central government also has rights in this matter. If the suspension is to last for more than a year, the Central Review Committee has to be consulted.

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