Are Porsche 996 any good?

Are Porsche 996 any good?

Googly headlamps apart, the Porsche 996 is a darned good 911. Yes, there was some gnashing and wailing from hardcore 911 enthusiasts when 993 production ended in 1997, and with it both the air-cooled flat-six and the original, compact and near-sacred bodyshell, but truth was they were both past their sell-by dates.

Are Porsche 996 prices increasing?

Will the Porsche 996 Increase in Value? The Porsche 996 is already increasing in value and will continue to do so, although not as rapidly as other 911s. Values of 996s have been slowly rising since around 2015, although many of them are still very affordable today.

Does Porsche 996 rust?

The bodywork on the Porsche 996 is of the highest quality and the manufacturer provided a ten-year anti-rust warranty. With the exception of under the door catches on very early 996s, rust is rare and may be evidence of badly-repaired accident damage.

Why is 996 the best 911?

One of the reasons why die-hard 911 fans love the 993 is because it’s the last air-cooled 911. The major change that the 996 brought was the addition of water cooling. Among other things, this meant that the 996 could produce more power from smaller displacement.

Is the Porsche 911 Carrera 996 a good car?

Yes, parts and some labor costs will be higher than a typical American or Japanese vehicle. However, save for a few notable items discussed below, the 911 Carrera 996 is solid and reliable. You’re going to pay a little more for an oil change and standard maintenance items, however, don’t try to cheap these.

What was the rating of the 1999 Porsche 911?

4.5833335 average Rating out of 12 reviews. The Used 1999 Porsche 911 is offered in the following submodels: 911 Coupe, 911 Convertible. Available styles include Carrera 2dr Coupe, Carrera 2dr Convertible, Carrera 4 2dr Coupe AWD, and Carrera 4 2dr Convertible AWD.

What kind of engine does the Porsche 996 have?

The result was the 996 with its M96 flat 6 engine. The 996 was such a departure from the original air-cooled technology that is caused a major division in 911 expertise that exists right up to today. The 996 was nothing like the norm Porsche techs were used to – like switching from right hand drive, to left hand drive.

What should I do before buying a Porsche 996?

The first step, once you’ve identified a 996 candidate, is to get a thorough inspection by a local Porsche expert. The pre-purchase inspection is designed to identify mechanical problems that may not be clearly evident at first glance. In our buyer guide below, we’ve extensively highlighted those potential issues to be on the look out for.

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