Are Cole Clark guitars any good?

Are Cole Clark guitars any good?

Cole Clark are not your average acoustic guitar brand. Not by some distance. They have one thing in mind, and that is simple: to give performers the greatest sounding live acoustic guitar sound. They design their guitars to sound as good as possible for the person playing, and then stick a pickup system in afterwards.

Are Cole Clark guitars handmade?

Mr Jackson said Cole Clark, which had 30 staff and produced between 80 and 100 handmade instruments a week, had never been able to satisfy demand for its distinctive solid-timber guitars and ukuleles – many of which use Australian tone-woods such as bunya, Queensland maple and Tasmanian blackwood.

Why are Cole Clark guitars made in Australia?

Cole Clark is an Australian manufacturer of guitars and other fretted instruments. The company is based in Bayswater, Melbourne and was founded in 2001. Cole Clark uses unique designs, live pickup technology and have a focus on sustainably sourced timbers….Cole Clark.

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How do you date a Cole Clark guitar?

How can someone tell the date of manufacture? The first 3 digits pre 2010 and first 4 digits post 2010 of our serial number is the date backwards. 904 would be April 2009, 1306 would be June 2013. The serial number is on the label.

What is the difference between Grand Auditorium and Dreadnought?

The Grand Auditorium is wider than a Martin-style dreadnought across the lower bout, nearly as deep but with a narrower waist.

What guitars are made in Australia?

The 10 Coolest Australian-Built Guitars on Reverb Right Now

  • Maton Phil Manning Custom Stereo.
  • Ormsby Custom Shop Goliath 7-String.
  • Gerard Gilet Map Resonator.
  • Shub DC-01.
  • Harvester Antonio Hybrid Aluminum Neck.
  • Cole Clark Angel 2.
  • Jack Spira JS Ditson.
  • Octigan 17-inch Archtop.

What is the best Australian made guitar?

Where are Maton guitars made?

Maton is an Australian musical instruments manufacturing company based in Box Hill, Melbourne.

Is an auditorium guitar bigger than a Concert?

Auditorium and Grand Auditorium acoustic guitars are between Dreadnought and Concert in terms of size. They are quite similar to Concert in terms of guitar body shape but have a larger lower bout width that is almost same as that of dreadnought acoustic guitar. Lower bout typically has a width of about 15”.

What is a 000 guitar?

000 / OM. Shallower than a dreadnought (see right) at around 105mm (4.1″) and narrower in width, the 000 (also known as an auditorium) brings the body closer to the player. As there’s not as much mass to curve your strumming arm around, it feels more intimate and comfortable for stage use too.

What brand guitars do the Wiggles use?

Maton Mastersound MS500
Since 2017, The Wiggles use a blue 12 string version which is also a Maton Mastersound MS500 called the Maton MS500/12.

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