What is an Air Force Letter of counseling?

What is an Air Force Letter of counseling?

A Letter of Counseling is merely the recording of an infraction. It’s a formal way of describing an unacceptable behavior so that the receiver cannot fail to understand it. Often, Airmen don’t realize or understand the seriousness of their behavior.

How bad is an LOR in the Air Force?

A Letter of Reprimand is more severe than a Letter of Admonition or Letter of Counseling. The Letter of Counseling is just that -counseling -to clear up any misunderstanding. If the person receiving the LOR is in obvious violation of some standard, then an LOC is not necessary or appropriate.

Which is worse LOC or Lor?

A reprimand is more severe than an admonishment and indicates a higher degree of official censure. An LOC is less severe than both and LOA and an LOR.

How long does a letter of reprimand stay on file Air Force?

LOCs, LOAs, and LORs GENERALLY stay a minimum of 6~12 months. Most units put a 12 month minimum so that the document is there as a reminder at EPR time.

What is an Air Force UIF?

UNFAVORABLE INFORMATION FILE (UIF): a. Definition: The UIF is an official record of unfavorable information about an individual. These records are generally kept by the squadron. It documents administrative, judicial, or nonjudicial censures concerning the member’s performance, responsibility, behavior and so on.

Is a letter of counseling discipline?

Note: The Letter of Counseling is not discipline. Consult with your appropriate HR representative or Employee Relations.

What happens when you get an LOR in the Air Force?

If you collect LOCs/LOAs/LORs (in other words, if you keep getting more and more), the Commander may choose to initiate an Unfavorable Information File (UIF), Control Roster, or discharge from the Air Force. A person can be discharged with only one LOR; however, it is not the norm.

What does a lor do?

A Letter of Reprimand (LOR) is an administrative warning, or censure, given to a Soldier for failure to comply with established standards or policies. A LOR may be filed either locally or in your permanent personnel file. Reprimands fall under the category of “unfavorable information.”

Can an LOR be rescinded?

REMOVAL OF AN LOR However, a commander can rescind a LOR, LOA, or LOC at his or her own discretion. In many instances, excellent duty performance following a LOR, LOA, or LOC can make this justifiable.

What is a letter of evaluation Air Force?

Letter of Evaluation (LOE) The LOE (AF Form 77, Letter of Evaluation) cover periods of your performance too short to require an OPR, or periods of time (less than 120 days) when you’re under the supervision of some- one other than your designated rater. In either case, LOEs are optional for officers.

How is a letter of counseling recorded in the Air Force?

Air Force Letter of Counseling Format. A formal Letter of Counseling is normally recorded on an AF Form 174, Record of Individual Counseling, but if you don’t have an AF Form 174 on hand, the counseling may be recorded on plain bond paper or squadron letterhead.

What does AF Form 174 record of individual counseling?

AF Form 174, Record of Individual Counseling, records the counseling session. It performance evaluations. Documenting counseling sessions on bond paper or letterhead constitutes a LOC. 4.2.3. Front line supervisors and first sergeants may recommend the commander file negative or unfavorable RICs, or LOCs in the UIF.

What are the disciplinary measures under AFI 36-2907?

LOC, LOA, or LOR LOCs, LOAs, and LORs are administrative disciplinary measures available to Commanders and Supervisors under AFI 36-2907. They are solely administrative actions and are not evidence of guilt of any particular offense.

Is the letter of counseling the same as a letter of admonishment?

If using bond paper or letterhead, the format is the same for Letters of Counseling, Letters of Admonishment, and Letters of Reprimand. The only difference is the subject line. See the example below.

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