What is mild Trigonocephaly?

What is mild Trigonocephaly?

a Patients with mild trigonocephaly had a broad forehead and shallow metopic ridge. However, small anterior fossae and frontal lobes were noted. b Patients with moderate trigonocephaly had a narrow forehead and higher metopic ridge.

Is Trigonocephaly serious?

The severity of metopic synostosis can vary widely, from mild and barely noticeable to serious and with several complications. If your child has mild metopic synostosis or just a metopic ridge, he may have no symptoms beyond a visible ridge in the middle of his forehead, and might not need any medical treatment.

How do you fix Trigonocephaly?

Trigonocephaly requires surgical correction involving anterior two-thirds calvarial remodeling with fronto-orbital advancement and frontal-bone remodeling. The described operative approach minimizes bone defects by adopting multiple zigzag osteotomy of the frontal bone.

How common is Trigonocephaly?

Trigonocephaly is the second most frequent type of craniosynostosis (incidence, 1:5,200) and is associated with a remarkable incidence of intracranial abnormalities and neuropathology.

Does Metopic Synostosis go away?

When the metopic suture fuses, the bone next to the suture will often thicken, creating a metopic ridge. The ridge may be subtle or obvious, but it is normal and usually goes away after a few years.

What kind of surgery can you do for trigonocephaly?

The types of surgery offered for patients with trigonocephaly do include endoscopic surgery and reconstructive surgery. If your child has trigonocephaly and you would like to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options further, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist paediatric neurosurgeons, myself and Mr Christopher Chandler.

How often does trigonocephaly occur in a baby?

The incidence of trigonocephaly is somewhere between one in every 2,500 – 15,000 live births with a male to female ratio of 3:1. The metopic suture is usually open at birth and fusion normally occurs in the first 12 months of life.

How to tell if you have trigonocephaly on the forehead?

There is usually a prominent mid-frontal ridge (pointed forehead) down the forehead that can be seen or felt and the eyebrows may appear “pinched” on either side. The eyes are usually spaced closer to each other than normal, causing a definite recognizable deformity of the forehead and eyes.

What kind of surgery is needed for metopic synostosis?

Many children with moderate to severe metopic synostosis will require surgical intervention. Surgery for metopic synostosis: is designed to correct deformities in the facial and skull bones

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