Are Lewmar winches good?

Are Lewmar winches good?

In conclusion, Andersen and Lewmar are always good choices if you are looking for dependability in the manual or electric winch markets. If you are in need of headroom below decks, but need powered winches, Harken and Andersen win that category.

How do I identify my Lewmar winch?

Identify Your Lewmar Winch Racing versions are identified by an alloy feeder arm and top cap in place of the Ocean’s chromed bronze. Current Standard Ocean Winches have been produced from 1992 have a gray molded top crown on the drum, except for Size 6 which has a one-piece metal drum.

What are self tailing winches?

Self tailing winches are winches that wrap the tail in a round jam cleat that is located on the top of the drum. When you crank the drum, the winch will pull the tail simultaneously eliminating the need for a crew member to pull your tail for you.

How long do sailboat winches last?

Properly maintained, they really will last for decades, as we have seen from the many “plastic classic” boats we sail on that still have their 1970s-vintage Barient winches that are working perfectly.

Why are sailboat winches so expensive?

They’re all expensive, because they are well-made precision equipment. They’re also among the most frequently retrofitted items; it’s worth repeating here that an oft-heard saying aboard a lot of sailboats is that the winches they came with are not big enough.

How do you open a Lewmar winch?

On Lewmar models, just unscrew the cap at the top of the drum that surrounds the winch handle socket (modern Lewmar winches require no tools for servicing). With Harken winches, use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the top screw found in the bottom of the winch handle socket. Remove the top cap and lift off the drum.

How does a 3 speed winch work?

On a three-speed winch, first gear is your gross tune for pulling in the majority of the line: one rotation of the handle generally equals one drum turn. In second gear, you’re finishing your trim with the line carrying a lot more load: more winch-handle rotations are required for one drum rotation.

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